tara busch

tara busch


Lush, dark, beautifully crafted & arranged 1960's inspired psychedelic pop! Driven with childlike melancholy & masterful production, Tara Busch offers a sonic escape drenched in analogue synths and combo organs topped with spellbinding harmonies and female vocals.


Move over mountain! Here come the stars!

From the sweetly dark, blizzard-driven imagination of Tara Busch comes her long-awaited album, Pilfershire Lane. It is an album based on a young girl's lonely, melancholic childhood in the 1970's. We journey with her in the seat of her rocket ship in "Over the Radio".... through the tantrum-stamp of her high school marching band in "Superfriends"...We then tunnel to the depths & fill our lungs with day old wine and cigarette ash to find the deep sadness of "Get Drunk & Fuck" until we are thrown a lifeline of profound love, resurfacing with "This is Love"...finally we return where we start, in her bedroom window wishing on stars & distant planets in "We Can See Mars". We never leave her head.

Raised in a looming "mansion full of sadness" on Pilfershire Lane built by her father in Hartford Connecticut, Tara was the youngest in a large family, surrounded with the music of Bowie, Zeppelin, ABBA and Janis Joplin. Discovering her musical talent at the tender age of 3, she went on to form bands throughout her teenage years, including Dahli Llama and Sheva. Many session gigs led her to Miami at the 2001 Winter Music Conference where she met her love and collaborator, Maf Lewis. The pair returned to Cardiff, UK where they formed the deeply revered "lounge-core" outfit, Dynamo Dresden on Plastic Raygun Records with producer, Rohan Tarry.

As tides turned and Maf & Tara moved to North Carolina to be with her family, Tara exiled herself under lock & key for several months writing, producing and engineering what would become Pilfershire Lane. As Tara clamoured away in the studio on one end of the house, Maf set up shop in the dusty, sweltering attic above, creating beautiful, perfectly reflective videos such as "Motorcrash" and "Tag”.

Enter the musical talents of Mike Walters, Nick Speaks & Alex Maiolo - from Minimoogs to Melloman; from Fender bass to whammy pedals & sleigh-bells, these gentlemen were Tara's faithful and adventurous sonic militia.... Finally, in summer 2006, Maf & Tara packed their life into a small U- Haul & traveled west to the glistening Pacific, landing beneath the swaying palm trees of Southern California. Pilfershire Lane crossed her last bridge with the help of legendary mixing engineer, Adam Fuest at Swinghouse Studios in Hollywood. Final mastering was done by Adam in the UK, deep within the wild, bewitching Brecon Beacons at Twin Peaks Studios........"The lights are on, maybe we're home".....

Commencing countdown, Maf rolls his film, Tara pulls the goggles over her eyes; 4...3...2...1...Let's climb the face of space & time!


Pilfershire Lane, LP released July, 2007

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Set List

Get Drunk & Fuck
Pilfershire Lane
Over the Radio
St George
3rd Speed of Light
This Is Love
Youre So Good to Me (Beach Boys Cover)