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Tara Craig

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"NEW BAND ALERT: Austin's Tara Craig Band"

I've always been a fan of deep-thinkin', heart-sleevin' singer-songwriters, and toast-of-Austin Tara Craig is no exception. Here's Resolution, the first single from debut album As the Leaves Were Changing. For more on Tara Craig (who's also very funny and hip, despite looking oh-so-serious in her vid and pix), GO HERE. www.taracraig.com - Sean Daly, Pop Life, St. Petersburg Times (Jan 05, 2011)

"Indie Sounds NY & Austin: Five Minutes with Tara Craig"

She's actually pretty new to me, but Tara Craig has been making some waves here in Austin, last year picking up a Roarie award for best female musician, and then releasing her debut album. Now, she's kicking off 2011 opening for Alpha Rev down the road in San Antonio. Indie Sounds got the background.

Indie Sounds: Let's start with the debut album you released recently - As the Leaves Were Changing. Tell us about it, and making it.

Tara Craig: The album is made up of 11 original songs. The album title is a lyric from track seven, Wish On You. The title resonated with me because the songs on the album span a decade. It was recorded in my home studio, just outside of Austin, in the winter and spring of 2010. My band, drummer Marco Arroyo, bassist Wayne Decker, and I produced the album, and Marco engineered and mixed it. It also features talented guest musicians from across the USA, including horns from the Pacific Northwest and a ukulele from New York.

IS: What's the elevator pitch for it?

Tara: "An intense instrumental experience that enhances the insightful and confident lyrics of a truly talented songwriter."

Buy As the Leaves Were Changing at CD Baby. Download it at iTunes.

IS: When did you come to Austin? And what's the Tara Craig story before that?

Tara: I moved to Austin in 2005. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, I grew up singing and performing, and began writing songs when I was 13. I moved to Southern California when I was 18, for college. I was states away from the family piano, so I borrowed a guitar and started learning to play. In 2000, I began performing shows in the Orange County/LA area.

IS: Where have you been performing in and around town?

Tara: Momo’s, The Ghost Room, The Parish. I also did an acoustic residency at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf throughout 2010. My favorite place to play is probably The Parish, although each of those venues are excellent. The acoustic shows at Coffee Bean had an intimate, family like feel. We played every other Sunday morning and it became something the band and our fans really looked forward too.

IS: And your next gig is?

Tara: This Saturday, January 15th. We’re opening for Alpha Rev at The Korova in San Antonio.

IS: Any other live plans for 2011?

Tara: Yes. An early summer Southern tour, Austin to Tampa Bay.
- Pete Harris, Indie Sounds New York & Austin (Jan 11, 2011)

"Tara Craig, As the Leaves Were Changing"

Poetic lyrics and amazing vocals bring this album to life

Tara Craig is an amazingly talented singer/songwriter. Tara burst onto the Austin music scene in 2007. Her vocal skills mesmerised audiences and her lyrics cut straight to the chase. Tara’s songs speak of love, longing and freedom. Effortlessly Tara can sing a bold song with meaningful lyrics one minute and a gentle love song the next. Her songs are filled with poetic lyrics that are organic and grow on listeners like a plant encased in soil waiting to burst into the light. Tara has been influenced musically by major artists such as Patty Griffin, Joni Mitchell and Fiona Apple. Her music is also influenced by books, the world and what is going on around her and society as a whole. Tara’s songs are inspirational and have a life all of their own. AS THE LEAVES WERE CHANGING features eleven original songs that blend many musical genres together. The album begins with Until Our Voices Give Out a pop/modern folk song. Tara’s vocals are filled with passion and enthusiasm. The instrumentation never intrudes on Tara’s vocals. Resolution has more of a country feel. Tara’s vocals sound raw and instantly reel you in for a closer listen.Broadway is a delicate song. Tara’s vocals are almost angelic and earthy; the overall sound is very wholesome. City Of Sorrows is definitely a stand out song. This song has a very dramatic feel about it echoed in the instrumentation and Tara’s vocal style. Be Thou My Vision has an alt-country/modern folk feel. Tara’s vocals seem a little hushed on this song giving it added atmosphere. The Worry Song has some interesting lyrics and a really strong country vibe. Wish On You is a slow delicate song. This is a lovely song worthy of several plays. Tara’s vocals seem lighter and more alive/free. Letters And Photographs and Wishful Thinking are both great songs with outstanding glorious lyrics. Listening to this album is a bit like reading a really emotional and well written book. This is song writing of the highest quality. This Weight really allows Tara’s vocal talents to shine. Here her voice is both gravely and earthy. Letting Go is the final song on the album. This is another slow song with limited backing. Tara’s vocals enhance this stunning final song giving it added depth. This is an album of pure class – outstanding lyrics perfectly brought to life by Tara’s charismatic vocals. - Sarah Hunt, album review - Maverick Magazine (Oct 01, 2010)

"All That Jazz — and Alt Country, Too!"

Seems like a long time ago now that I trekked over to Thunderbird Coffeehouse (on Koenig Lane) to catch a set from the wonderful Tara Craig and her new band — Marco Arroyo on drums and Wayne Decker on bass. Love her passionate, thoughtful songs (like “Hiding” and “City of Sorrows”) — and her gentle soul. - Duggan Flanakin, Flanfire (Aug 19, 2008)

"Music Review - Wavy Space & friends rock the Evening Muse"

Opening the show tonight at the Evening Muse was a young singer-songwriter & musician out of Austin, TX named Tara Craig. Tara’s lyrics are crisp and cutting edge as she drives a powerful message for a young lady. Normally accompanied by a bassist and drummer, Tara carried herself nicely as an acoustic solo performer. We were fortunate to have been able to see Tara as she’s in town for her day job and took time to exercise her balance tonight at the Evening Muse. A great opening, we were blessed to have heard her perform her cutting edge ballads. Check out her MySpace page and have a listen to a few tunes. - Monty Chandler, Charlotte Music Examiner (Oct 29, 2009)

"Best Female Musician, The Roaries 2010"

Thanks to everyone who came out last night. We had a great time, and hope everyone enjoyed themselves. We appreciate you guys helping us support Austin’s music scene. We can’t wait to do it again next year!

Mad love to our sponsors: Treaty Oak Rum and uvumi. Special thanks to the ACVB for the giveaways.

We’ll be posting all the videos shot for the event next week, so stay tuned.

All of the nominees were top-notch. Y’all picked a great bunch Without further ado, I give you your Roaries winners:

Best Event of 2009: Austin City Limits Festival
Best Single of 2009: “Sunshine” -Tje Austin
Best DJ: Sharkweek
Best Group: Alpha Rev
Best Male Musician: Tje Austin
Best Female Musician: Tara Craig
Best Album of 2009: “Shapes” – Soldier Thread - Chris Apollo Lynn, Republic of Austin (Feb 26, 2010)


"Steadied" EP
Steadied’s five songs span the breadth of Tara’s musical world, from jangling guitar pop, to intimate piano ballad, to epic rock drama. For your next irresistible fix of ear candy, join those who are beating a steadied path to Tara Craig’s door.

Track list:
1. Hold On to Me
2. Lazarus
3. Through the Valley
4. Drinking Redemption
5. Waiting for the Clouds…

"The Utah 45"
Limited addition 2 song tour release.
Track list:
1. Never Walk Alone
2. Easy As

“As the Leaves Were Changing”
Debut full length album. Released, August 20, 2010. The independent album comprises 11 original songs combining elements of folk, pop, and rock.

Track list:
1. Until Our Voices Give Out
2. Resolution
3. Broadway
4. City of Sorrows
5. Be Thou My Vision
6. The Worry Song
7. Wish On You
8. Letters and Photographs
9. Wishful Thinking
10. This Weight
11. Letting Go

Tara Craig - Solo Demos
1. Broadway - released 2002
2. Letters and Photographs - released 2002
3. Hiding - released 2004
4. Until Our Voices Give Out - released 2006



"Tara Craig takes the voice of thought & puts it into action. All the words that only swirl in your head, she brings to the light & makes them known... she takes the essence of Austin music & makes it her own. "
- b'Hre Cole, Fan Quote (Jun 06, 2008)

Richard May of the Songwriters TV Series called Tara Craig "one of the most vibrant and pensive songwriters emerging," and this emergence has been a long time coming. The soundtrack to Tara’s childhood was a powerful one: Miles Davis on her father's turntable, Joni Mitchell on her mother's upright piano.

At the age of thirteen, Tara began writing music. As a Salt Lake City teen, she spent hours recording her piano on old cassettes, overdubbing harmonies, and passing out tapes in the halls of her high school. Shortly after beginning college in Southern California, Tara picked up her first acoustic guitar. That year she also formed her first band, recording demos in the bathroom of their dorm. She then took the guitar to the street, drawing a crowd and transforming the tree-lined boulevards into her own Carnegie Hall.

Tara relocated to Austin in 2007, captivating audiences with a voice that is equal parts soulful and vulnerable. From epic spirituals to intimate ballads, there's a timeless quality to Tara's sound. While there is tremendous variety in her songs, they're tied together by a kind of longing — a longing for family, freedom, and requited love.

Tara Craig released her new EP Steadied on June 30.

Recorded at Ramble Creek studio in Austin, the EP is sonically a quantum leap forward from her previous home-recorded album. Tara now wields mostly electric guitars, supported by her band mates’ nimble bass and architectural drumming. Despite the scintillating instrumental work, the highlight is Tara’s dynamic voice; from a purr to a roar, its emotional intensity is captivating.

Steadied’s five songs span the breadth of Tara’s musical world, from jangling guitar pop, to intimate piano ballad, to epic rock drama. For your next irresistible fix of ear candy, join those who are beating a steadied path to Tara Craig’s door.