Tara Greenblatt

Tara Greenblatt

 New Ipswich, New Hampshire, USA

Tara drums and sings. Her lyrics and rhythms are both powerful and graceful. She sings about themes few artists are willing to sing about. Tara's and her band of innovative blending her songs and beats with their strings and harmonies. It's hip-deep music!


Tara drums and sings original songs about life’s light and dark currents. She accomplishes these two tasks with effortless skill and beauty. Her voice is melodic and emotional. Her lyrics reach deeply into the hearts of her listeners. Her hands command and communicate with her drum eliciting an aural palette from sand to thunder. This inseparable blend of rhythm and voice comes from deep inside of her and is supported so tastefully by the sonic strands of her accompanists on upright bass, acoustic guitar, and vocal harmonies.

Back in the late 90's Tara could be found with a djembe drum slung over her shoulder making her way to the various open-mics that Cambridge and Boston had to offer. Club Passim encouraged and nurtured Tara as she formed and polished her story-telling lyric style. Since then she's had the privelege