Tara Greenblatt Band

Tara Greenblatt Band

 Peterborough, New Hampshire, USA

Tara's melodic and soulful voice is the very meaning of eloquence. A true original drummer and singer/songwriter with Universal reach, funky grooves, and magnetic draw. Whether solo or with her stellar accompanists, Tara captivates audiences with a rare mix of depth, musical grace, and humor.


Seated at her djembe, Tara Greenblatt centers herself and our attention, and -- with her soulful, soaring voice and highly skilled ability at bringing the whispers, swipes, brushed beats, and calls out of the drum-- weaves rhythm, melody, and story to create beautiful, original songs with a Universal reach. This inseparable and infectious blend of rhythm and voice come from deep inside of her. Her words and music, delivered effortlessly, touch the souls of her listeners. Whether solo, with a partner, or her band, her songs and live performance put the listener in touch with themselves, with love, with the light and shadow sides of being human, and with the pulse of life.
Check out the band's new video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIARkrlO_Pw

She has been performing all over the New England area and beyond for more than fifteen years. Tara's band of stellar accompanists are comprised of Ramsay Thomas on upright bass, Lou Eastman on acoustic guitar, and Shana Hall and Grace Aldrich singing blended harmonies.