Tara MacKenzie

Tara MacKenzie


Tara MacKenzie has an epic folk voice. She has taken her love of Irish Trad singing and coupled it with living traditions writing that audiences just flat out enjoy.She's received standing ovations on the first song of the set. Tara is just magic live, the singer that musicians get excited about.


The first thing you notice when you hear Tara MacKenzie sing, is that this voice is special. It's strong, pretty and passionate. You feel surprised. A citizen of Ireland and Canada, she studied voice formally and is a vocal music instructor and voice coach in addition to being a performer. Having lived in 5 countries, she has toured extensively in Europe during the 90's and folk festivals internationally in the early 2000's.

She took some time off from performing to pursue business experiences in management and has re-emerged with fresh vision and distinctly matured sound. Tara has a gift for positioning songs in a set to create an interesting balance. "I love to deliver to a listening audience", says MacKenzie. Her passion is collaborating as well as solo performing.

Tara is fun, friendly and easy to work with. Workshops are a great adventure with her multi cultural instrumentalist leanings, songwriting talent, and interpretive song craft as well as vocal music instructing gifts. She is able to sing in several languages aside from English. Tara has had her singing voice featured in films such as "Let My People Go", produced by New Sound Productions in New Zealand.

Tara adores and eagerly loves to perform at Festivals, Folk Clubs, house concerts and small concert halls. Venues such as these highlight not only her unique musical talent, they also allow her to fully engage the audience so that the experience is fondly memorable.

Tara’s recent highlights:
Opened Vocal Coaching Business.
Composed Scores for Footpath Yoga Music CD.
Judge for the Georgian Bay Folk Society “Young and Hungry” Showcase.
Voted one of the top 5 artists on the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast.
Opened at Roxy Theatre Concert in Owen Sound, Ontario to a standing ovation - a honor few have received.
Featured on Rogers television "Daytime" Program.

What have some Artistic Directors said about experiencing a performance by Tara MacKenzie?

"I was totally blown away. Magic!"
"You my dear, are hired."
"Just bring that voice of yours and we'll be very happy".

Audience commentary during and after various performances by Tara MacKenzie include:
"It's just ridiculous that you aren't famous"
"Last time I felt like this, I was watching Stan Rogers"
"That performance was incredible. Wow!”
"What a voice"

Online Reviews and Comments:

"Hi Tara you have the voice of an Angel absolutely beautiful."
- The Mary K Burke Band, Reverb Nation (Feb 02, 2009)

"Tara MacKenzie is the definitive performer of Cavan Girl, never mind Danny Doyle or The Barleycorn. Check out her version. I thought I'd lost my mind, or died and gone to heaven, or something. I love that threat never to record a CD without a song of mine... I just hope.” Thom Moore
Thom Moore, songwriter (has written hits for Maura O'Connell, Mary Black, Danny Doyle and many others)

"A beautiful and spirited voice, very enjoyable music"
Pierre Bensusan, DADGAD Guitar Master

"Tara MacKenzie. An extraordinarily mature voice. She sounds like a newer Dolores Keane, but her vocal delivery is second to none. A superb new talent, destined to be around for a long, long time."
William Ramoutar, Artistic Director, Irish Ways Radio Program, WFCF 88.5FM Florida

"Every once and a while I find a bright shining gem. Tara MacKenzie is just such a gem. She has a beautiful voice that reminds me of Loreena McKennit, but I like Tara's voice better. She sings as a woman who is sure of herself with passion and romance."
Marc Gunn, Celtic MP3 Music Magazine

"The track ‘My Cavan Girl’ is the best version hands down I have EVER heard. It is deadly."
Matt Malloy, Irish Musician, CD Baby Review

"An absolutely beautiful voice, what a pleasure sharing the stage with you".
David Francey, Juno Award Winning Folk & Roots Artist

"This is one of the greatest voices I have heard in a long time and solid musicianship to join with it. I hope to see Tara live one day in concert"
A fan from Edmonton Canada., Itunes Customer review

Credited Discography:
Bi Thusa Mo Shuile, Release date: 1997 (sold out)
A Million Days, Release date: 1998 (sold out)
Simple Irish Ballads and Other Songs for Singing, Release date: 2005
Overcome, Eric Poxleitner, Release date: 2006
Charlie Glasspool and the Big Love, Release date: September 2009
Grey County Gospel, Brian Moniz

Tara has sung on an extensive list of CD recordings (over 250) as a session vocalist, both in Europe and in Canada.


Bi Thusa Mo Shuile, 1997 ( sold out)
A Million Days, 1998- (sold out)
Simple Irish Ballads and Other Songs for Singing 2005
at cd Baby,
Overcome- Eric Poxleitner, 2006
Charlie Glasspool and the Big Love- available September 2009
Grey County Gospel- Brian Moniz-in production
Butterfly Land- Tara MacKenzie ( in production)

Set List

A typical 40 min set, or more, consists of varied tempos and varied topics. (Sets are built to suit the event for timeline.) Original songs and traditional Irish/ Scottish Folk music presented acoustically.

The Famine Song
Butterfly Land
Alana in the lane
an Phostin Phionn
My Cavan Girl
Banks of Red Roses
The West's awake
Horo Johnny
Peta Bheag
Do Carlow Boys Come Home?
The Leaving
Sean Davie
as an example.
I have standard sets of:

20- 30 mins
40-60 mins sets
2x 40 mins sets with breaks