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Pop Princess T-ARA MARIE hits the music industry & brings a new hype to the urban scene. Her debut album JUST A GIRL promises to astonish both radio stations and dance floors across the globe.


T-ARA Marie has touched the entertainment scene and has given a new twist to hip-hop. The 23 year old's debut album, "Just a Girl" is finally here, and she plans to take over the Urban Music scene!

The Montreal-born artist has worked her way up the industry ladder by appearing on albums such as Face behind the Face with Canada’s own Karl Wolf. She’s even spit rhymes for Quebec’s Star Academy’s Emily Begin’s album, Légende Urbaine. She has worked with multiple artists and featured on a variety of albums and mixtapes over the last few years.

So, when asked of how it all began, Ms. T-ARA said, “I was just a kid . . . with big dreams . . . and a lot of determination. . . .” From talent shows to mix tapes, and now working on her solo project, T-ARA has unquestionably proven that anything is possible. If she were not a singer, T-ARA reveals that she would certainly still be in the entertainment business. After studying communications in both College and University, she reveals; “Music has always been my biggest passion, but I have so many other things that I’m working on… I’m constantly adding to my «to do» list!” As if Tara didn’t have enough to work on, she also plans on touring for 2009!


· Émilie Bégin – Légende Urbaine
· Karl Wolf – Demo for Christina Milian
· Karl Wolf - Face Behind the Face
· Eddie Roots – La Relève 2
· Ketzal – Trésor National
· Variety of artists – Mixtape Hommage à Joe BG
· Variety of artists – BBT Mixtape Vol.7
· Variety of artists – Nazco Musik : Épisode I
· Goodfellaz – Candy Flavor Gangsta Music
· Chub-E Pelletier – Ma Musique
· Variety of artists – BBT Mixtape Vol.8
· SB – Tant qu’à être là Vol.2
· Ketzal – La Suite Présidentielle

Set List

1-5 songs depending on the venu. Most past performnces were done in clubs. My debut album " Just a girl" has a total of 15 tracks. There are 4 "Club" singles off the album.