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Surf, Soul, Spy, Spaghetti Western - an instrumental smorgasbord flavored by the films of Quentin Tarantino. Our sets include originals and instrumental classics from film and TV. Our new CD is "Super Sounds of the Cinema" available at www.cdbaby.com/cd/tarantinosnyc


Yes, Tarantino music is it's own genre. Ask the many ad execs who pick up on the latest songs from Tarantino movies. There are great songs that have singing in them too, but we don't do those.

We specialize in the great crossfade between 60's-70's Surf, Soul, Spy and Spaghetti Western that makes 90's gangsters somehow more hip, samurai more seductive and horror films more hilarious.

We were Ennio, Booker T, Mancini and Dick Dale fans long before we saw any Tarantino Movies, but there's something about what's moving on the film during these songs that makes them really swing.

The members of this band have been in many other NYC area bands and have tons of experience playing venues large and small, indoor and outdoor, such as: Southstreet Seaport, the Intrepid, NYC Marathon, CBGB's, The Lonestar Roadhouse, Continental, BItter End, Manny's Car Wash, Village Gate, Le Bar Bat and the World's Fair!

We have been on many internet radio shows including Genya Raven's "Underground Garage" show doing the cover songs, "Out of Limits" and "Bullwinkle Part 2".


Our first CD is available now! Listen on myspace.com/tarantinosnyc. Download tracks at cdbaby.com/cd/tarantinosnyc

Set List

We typically do 40 minute sets with 60-70% instrumental cover songs that are related to movie and TV soundtracks, such as Get Smart, Hang 'em High, Misirlou, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, etc.

Our web site www.tarantinosnyc.com has a full song list.