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Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands | SELF

Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands | SELF
Band Rock Metal




"SellaBand of the week on Spinner.com"

Check out the review here: http://nl.spinner.com/2008/10/21/sellaband-van-de-week-tarball/ - Spinner.com


TARBALL geben ein überzeugendes Lebenszeichen von sich und positionieren sich vielversprechend in der Schnittmenge aus Alternative Rock und Modern Metal. Dabei klingen die Niederländer zuweilen zurückhaltend experimentell und unaffektiert emotional. Eine Mischung, die Lust auf mehr macht.

http://www.musikreviews.de/reviews/2008/Tarball/Bite-The-Bullet-EP/ - Musikreviews.de


Diese drei Songs, so sie denn repräsentativ für ein möglichst bald folgendes Album sind, sollten TARBALL in eine gute Ausgangsposition für einen Plattendeal bringen, denn die Weichen sind eindeutig auf Erfolg gestellt.

http://music-scan.org/Templates/reviews_team.php?id=10128 - www.music-scan.org

"Fret Magazine"

“Without being able to put on much resistance, you will find yourself in the universe of Tarball drenched with merciless sounds, where a melancholic kind of darkness dominates” (Review ‘Bite the Bullet’, Fret, October 2008) - Fret Magazine


About Bite The Bullet EP: "The three very strong songs leave the listener wanting more!" - MusicFromNL, July 2008


About Bite The Bullet EP: "If this is an indication for the future, Holland will get a great record" - OOR Magazine, September 2008


Abou Bite The Bullet EP: "With the third and last track 'Judge Me' as the absolute high point Tarball's EP 'Bite the Bullet' makes good on the promises made by their first demo 'Mine to Take' " - 3voor12, June 2008

"The Bullet Reviews"

About Bite The Bullet EP: "Bite the Bullet is an EP that will definitely impress booking agents and music journalists. The songs are composed well and the overall sound is good." - The Bullet Reviews, June 2008

"Rode Oortjes Festival"

Live review: "Good compositions with beautiful intros, surprising and original transitions, splendid use of sound effects, lots of diversity in dynamics and intonation" - Jury Rode Oortjes Festival, February 2005

"The Maximum Threshold Radio Show"

Selected for the The Maximum Threshold Radio Show using Sonicbids! - The Maximum Threshold Radio Show


- early 2012: Debut album
- 2009: The song 'Judge Me' appears on the sampler cd 'Slag van Groverpop 2009' that will be distributed during the Noorderslag/Eurosonic festival in Groningen
- 2008: Bite the Bullet (3 song EP)
- 2006: Mine to Take (4 song self-produced demo)
- 2005: The song 'Method of Mind' appears on a compilation CD 'Take it or Leave it, part 2' on the Teenangel Radical Recordings label



Heavy stoner riffs, beautiful quiet guitar parts, different time signatures and sound FX are all things that make Tarball stand out from the crowd. The vocals are characterized by emotional melodies with sudden violent outbursts. Writing songs takes place during energetic jam sessions.

Tarball's first show is in a band contest in February 2005. Much to their own surprise they win the qualifying round and go on to reach the finals. In the following months Tarball makes a name for itself by playing a series of high energy live shows in and around home town Groningen. In March 2006 they release a demo called: Mine to Take. The demo is received very well and leads to gigs across the Netherlands. Tarball impresses people with their performance, dynamics and sound quality. In 2007 Tarball plays it's first couple of shows in Germany and is received with open arms. The vibe is great and Tarball returns to the Netherlands with many new contacts.

In March 2008 Tarball enters the studio with producer Guido Aalbers who has worked with major bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Live and Muse. Right from the start there's real chemistry in the studio and this makes for a great vibe to record some killer songs. The EP is mastered by Darius van Helfteren at Studio Wisseloord in Hilversum so Bite the Bullet just blasts out of your speakers. The three songs are fine examples of Tarball's diverse music and Guido made sure that the songs sound as powerful on CD as they do on stage. The EP got great reviews by OOR, Aardschok, Fret and more.

Tarball's first full length album was recorded in August 2011 with once again Guido Aalbers as producer/mixer and will be released early 2012.