Tar Beach

Tar Beach


A funky infectous fusion of danceable grooves in a an eclectic rock/pop melting pot. Elements of Allman Brothers, Guster, and DMB appeal with Ruted Root style percussion drive.

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Silent Cries

Written By: d. campos

Delirious in ways; Mysterious delays kept inside.
Like a moving train they’re often thought insane with delicate eyes.
There’s a child screaming in the distance, right next to me.
Don’t know why dreaming for an instance might set them free.
In silence you tell me. I hear you.
Your cry, it compels me to fear you.
The words you implanted speak like a prayer.
Absurd and enchanted as if you’re right there.

Millions walk in silence, but we’re too deaf to hear.
They've got substance and violence echoing from their fear to be alone.

Forgetting grateful skies hoping to recognize yet on go the days.
Regretting fateful lies, open to realize you’re set on your ways.
The words you implanted speak like a prayer.
Absurd and enchanted as if you’re right there.

So now we’re walking, now we’re talking in different tongues of the human race.
I got people to see, places to go, many I’ve seen, and none that I know.
No time to delay.

Don't Let It Die

Written By: n. allis

I saw him in his later years worn down by all he had seen. It was so sad what all his dreams had become. He said, “there was a time I wasn’t so grey and we had so much to say, but we all were so young.”

And I saw a man who once commanded us all, but to see him today was to see a man’s dreams crushed before your very eyes, forever taken away.

But don’t let it die. Don’t let them take it all away. Just keep on trying. They’ll all come true one day.

I’m too young to remember all the sounds and all the sights, and to know what it was like to be there. But I’ve seen enough, and heard enough of the memories of those nights for me to still care.

And each time I see a picture of that darkest of days, I just can’t understand why they try to take our dreams away.

Story Teller

Written By: d. campos

Take a seat, prepare to tell her why you're there. Feed more truth to me, even if I disagree.

In my innocent little world, we all can relate. We open up to sacrifice and let the past discriminate. In my innocent little world, don't tell me right from wrong 'cause if my sins are wrong then I know my road to truth will be long.

I can see it in the depths of your eyes. The author of an endless tale, the witness to a thousand lies bleeding on the pages of our lives. Storyteller.

The rights of every man rest on dirty land. The path you guide me through will appease my tainted view. I know enough not to trust in all that you say. Confide in us, don't take from us and throw it away. When all is said and done, I'll be the only one...

Tell me I will remember what we're livin' for. I thought we'd live forever, like you said before. We will evolve together, and do what we're meant to do. Give me, and I will remember to give back to you.


Silent Cries LP (2003)

Set List

Set Lists range from 1 hour to endless.
Tar Beach typically plays until the owners throw them off stage and their van has been towed.

Tar Beach typically throws in a couple of cover songs ranging from "Hey Ya!" by Outkast and "No Diggity" by Blackstreet to "Into the Mystic" by Van Morrison and "Soulshine" by the Allman Brothers.

The Tar Beach set list will be ever changing and never repeated. The band will also typically incoporate a new song into every set.