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Go to iTunes to download my new EP album C.S.A. (Christian Service Announcement). Click on or copy and paste:


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Born February 14, 1977 in Inglewood CA, TARE-el experienced the many trials of struggling and family matters. His move to Dublin, GA at a young age provided a more southern way of living and slower pace environment. TARE-el’s early childhood years were difficult and at the age of 8, a separation from his sisters would cause a devastating blow triggering his resentment towards family. Taken from his mother at the age of 10, he was placed in foster care. Moving from home to home and being introduced to several different households fostered a sense of instability. TARE-el first recognized his talent during a confrontation with a school bully in the school lunchroom area. People were amazed with his rapping abilities because of his age and a speech problem. TARE-el experienced his first real jail sentenced at the age of 18 and served eight months in jail for a committed crime. There began his troubles with the law and numerous misdemeanor cases. TARE-el was confronted with the life he had accepted and choices he made and decided to turn his life around. This decision was often challenged because of his environment, but TARE-el was willing to put forth the effort. He started doing music seriously at the age of 20, being apart of this rap group out of Middle Georgia named Black Knight Regime (other group members were Quentin Nesbitt, Jessie Spikes, and Keith Robinson). Richard Nesbitt, manager of group and also CEO of the label, taught TARE-elthe business side of music. Unfortunately, the group separated due to personal and business differences, but TARE-el found the drive to move forward and pursue his career on his own. After moving to Gulfport, MISS in 2001, TARE-el was introduced to a new style of music and by embracing this particular style of music and life, he was introduced to the world as T.R.E.A.L (Taking Responsibility on Everything And Learning). He began working with other artist by arranging songs, ghostwriting, and co-producing tracks for them to market and distribute, creating a Gulf Coast sound by combining his talent with theirs. During that time, TARE-el was still participating in street activities, where he had a close encounter with death during a drug set up resulting in him being robbed at gun point. After that particular situation, TARE-el pushed away from the drug game and shifted his focus back to music. After a couple of big show openers and talent showcases, TARE-el began to create a buzz in the Gulf Coast area as being a talented up and coming rap artist. In 2002, he was introduced to his now best friend and business associate Gregory Spencer aka Dub G, who taught him about the music hustle and how to market his talent. Hurricane Katrina gave a huge blow to his career and possible dreams of becoming one of the strong voices for the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, but after moving back to Georgia he was introduced to a whole other grind. In 2005, after locating to Atlanta, TARE-el (DJ T.R.E.A.L) joined a big DJ Organization called Legion of Doom DJ's. In 2006 he was introduced to a bigger and more professional realm of marketing, promoting, and record breaking. TARE-el began to market and promote other artists major and independent, making a name for him as a successful record breaker in the city of Atlanta, as well as numerous cities. He began to travel to promote shows, artists, and events throughout the Southeastern region of the United States, as well as other areas around the globe. Having clients like Warner Bros, Grand Hustle, DTP, Hypnotise Minds, Block Ent. And other local and major labels, TARE-el or DJ T.R.E.A.L started elevating his artistic abilities in a successful way. At the age of 31, TARE-el started back pursuing his own music career giving the city of Atlanta a different side to his hustle. After being unsuccessful at breaking into the game as a rap artist, TARE-el started back having run-ins with the law that resulted in numerous jail visits and a sentenced of 5 to 10 years that was waved due to the court misplacing his case files. That is when he noticed that God was in control of his destiny and numerous chances afforded him. Now in 2012, TARE-el has totally giving his talents, life, grinds, and music to God, and he is now working on his first Gospel & Soul Hip Hop album titled "C.S.A.(Christian Service Announcement)". God has really made a statement with his life and he is ready to tell the world through his music ministry