Tarek Patton

Tarek Patton

 Tallahassee, Florida, USA

I play music that interacts with both the stage and the audience. My songs are both catchy and meaningful. Hard and melodic like a rough day, at times, soft and thoughtful at others, this is a genuine mix of clever lyrical play and artful refrain.


I was born in Queens, NY in 1989 and moved to FL shortly after. I played guitar and sang in a two piece indie band to the likes of early Of Montreal and Dinosaur Jr. called "Airplane" from 2003-2005 in Ft. Myers, FL with a friend from high school, then played drums for a post hardcore band ,Mahatma. Then, in 2007 I played drums for a band in Tallahassee named Plagues and we disbanded shortly after some local success. I have been writing my own songs and playing local shows since 2005, and released a 9 song album named "Dead String Revival" in 2008, but I am remaking it and expect to release it as "Self Titled" in Summer 2011. I also have a 4 song demo that I released last year featuring songs from various upcoming albums.


"Dead String Revival(rough)" 2008
"Demo 2010" 2010
"Self-Titled" 2011
"Dead String Revival" early 2012*
"Man Your 'Scripts" late 2012*
"High Art" 2013*

*Projected release dates

all songs can be listened to by visiting www.tarekpatton.tk!