Uk Based Singer Songwriter with a strong business mind


Her Romany Nan Janie was a singer when she was not looking after her family she sang even before Tarnia was born. She died of cancer when Tarnia was 11 and Tarnia always swore that she would carry on what she was never able to accomplish

Tarnia is an artist who continues to challenge all the rules in an ever-changing industry a good businesswoman from a Romany working class background taught by her Dad at a young age to buy and sell almost anything! She often describes herself as a cross between Sir Richard Branson and Del Boy!

A supporter, member and also one of the youngest people in the country on The Musicians Union Regional Committee Tarnia is constantly at the front line advising and fighting for artists.

Embracing new technology and using her networking skills Tarnia has travelled to several countries to bring her music to the world

With soft vocals, haunting lyrics Tarnia's music touches hearts while her independence and determination inspires everyone who meets her.




Sell it to My Heart

Long Road Cold it seems
Dark nights lonely
Someone hold me Take me away maybe
It doesn’t matter where I go
Or who I know

Sell it to my heart
Baby tell me from the start
Ooooh is it you I love
Or do I fall
Sell It to my heart

Many Sad memories
So bad can’t speak
Nightmares surround me
Someone show me home
It doesn’t matter who you are
It doesn’t matter how far





Written By: t jones s trill

Go dry your eyes its time for me to go
Although I’m far away
You’ll never be alone
You’ve got to be strong
Just keep hanging on
Because then time will fly
Before you wake ill be coming home

You gotta be a little braver
You gotta be a little stronger
I know you’re only young
But so wise so carry on
Just be a little bit braver
Ooohh Just a little bit braver

Since I’ve been gone so much has changed
Your very first word
The steps that you now take
Oh you know so much more
Than you ever knew before
You’re beyond your years
Just can’t wait to see you grown


Baby don’t cry
A little braver now
Dry your eyes
We’ll be together again




Tarnia is a UK singer/songwriter, who works with her own recruited Tarnia.com team. She is responsible for recruiting her own photographers and producers and also organises all of her own PR, appearances and interviews with the media. Below are Tarnia’s accomplishments to date.

Solo performance at the Christmas Service
Solo Performance at the Astor of Hever School

Entertainments writer for Courier Newspapers (portfolio available on request)
Presenter on K&S Hospital Radio
Announcer for NWA UK Wrestling Alliance (toured nationwide)

Wrote and Co produced “Where Are You Now?”

Recruited Swedish producer Nils Hagner
Wrote and Co produced “I Believe”

International Guest performer at the Boston USA Youth Summit Matthews Arena
Interview by press and radio for the above
Wrote and Co produced “Never Let Go”
Wrote and Co produced “The U S of A “

Recruited British producer Steve Trill
Co Wrote and Co produced “Sell it to My Heart”
Co Wrote and Co produced “Secret Love”
Co Wrote and Co produced “Birthday without You”
Only UK artist to reach the finals of the Uplifting Minds showcase Los Angeles
Press Interview for the above.
Tarnia has her first review in Noho Magazine in Los Angeles
Wrote and Co Produced “Give me this day”

Tarnia signs digital distribution deal with Intent Media Works Atlanta GA USA
Tarnia speaks on Peer to Peer Panel in Los Angeles at GEMS
Tarnia Wrote and Co Produced “ Outta My Life
Tarnia Auditions in the first round of Sir Richard Branson’s
Stars in the Skies
Tarnia Wrote and Co Produced “Its time to Leave” and “Here”
Tarnia is Interviewed by the DCIA her first weeks release on peer to peer sees her music gain over 100,000 hits
Tarnia is given membership of the DCIA (The only International Member)
Intent Mediaworks Signs Tarnia’s music to be used by the Weather Channel they buy 100 copies

Tarnia attends Canadian Music Week in Toronto and teams up with AnR Lounge a company broadcasting music releases to all college and campus radio stations in Canada
Tarnia is invited by the musicians union as a formal guest to their annual conference in July
Tarnia presents X factor the truth article to the Musicians Union
Tarnia is nominated to run for position on the MU Executive Committee and Regional Committee (the youngest person for over a decade)


Completion of debut Album Legacy
Tarnia attends both The Brits and The Ivor Novello awards in the UK

Set List

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