TarO&JirO, the incredible guitar rock brothers from Japan.
Only two acoustic guitars, two vocals and one kick drum.
That’s all what we need to rock you.
You can hardly believe only two of us are playing on stage!
Now, this is the time for you to meet the TaroJirock!!


What is insufficient on the present rock scene…
What could not be accomplished in these rock scenes…
The aloof and proud brother rock duo TarO&JirO shows it to the world.

They moved to London in the spring of 2009 in order to expand their musical width further through a fork duo and band activities.
By experiencing lives on the street in front of the London Eye and the open microphone lives in a pub, they gained musical skills in sympathizing each other with people exceeding languages and races.
Here, a unique prototype of their energetic guitar rock style was formed.
In 2011, they got in to so many musical festivals in France and Switzerland, starting with their performance in Japan Expo Sud held in Marseilles France.
Activities in Europe led them to a great success, such as receiving a first prize in Tremplins Guitare en Scene, a band competition held in France in 2011.

After the championship, they were invited in Rock Oz’ Arene 2011 held in Switzerland.
Also in July 2012, they were invited in Guitare en Scene 2012 held in France as a main act, and played on the same day with Steve Vai, Steve Morse and Joe Satriani.

TarO&JirO, were born in a pub named Finnegan’s Wake in Ealing London, where it is one hour west from the midtown, known as a watering place by London people.
Their repetitive participation here gradually allured the audience attention, and the history was started.

Now, be ready for the TaroJirock!!


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