tarran the tailor

tarran the tailor

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

A slow tango after a dusty barn dance.


With a strange banjo in one hand,
and a rickety beatbox in the other,
Tarran the Tailor saunters a slow tango
through a forest of world music
coming out with a rose between his teeth...

He has played a feast of underground festivals
up and down the west coast of north america.
and offered up a table set with fusions of musical forms,
and media experiments.

If you were going to talk of his style,
you would have to speak of texture and timbre.

Tarran has always been interested in the
places between, and his live show is an
experience where the audience boundaries
blur and everybody is invited to join him,
beating on a bucket or wailing to the sea.

Sonically he has been influenced by many forms,
most obvious being: gypsy and balkan music,
old world south and appalachian, field holler,
and the tin cans dragging behind a wedding car.

His latest album, The Salt, is an ocean fable,
a boy leaves on a journey to save the world,
but first he must dance with the siren queen.
To be released in December of this year..

Similar artists might be:
Tom Waits, Beirut, Patrick Watson,
Grizzly Bear, Ratatat, Mississippi Fred Mcdowell.


nada brama 1994
oh way moneypenny 1995
debris ep 2000
the wooden boombox 2005
the salt 2009

Set List

45 minute to 2 hour set..all songs original except for one.