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"12/01/06 - TARSHA PROPHECIES: Update From Sheldon!"

Former Adler’s Appetite vocalist SHELDON TARSHA has checked in with us for an exclusive interview! He talks about his new CD, upcoming plans, and his daze as lead singer for ADLER’S APPETITE! Read on!

SHELDON: I’ve got a new CD comin’ out and I was wonderin’ if you could help me get the word out?

FANSITE: Of course!

SHELDON: This was one of the first calls I thought I had to make, "Gotta call Brook!"

FANSITE: Thanks, man! Well, how did you hook up with this new record deal?

SHELDON: Well, you know, after the whole (Adler’s Appetite) break-up in Germany, I came back to LA, and I knew what I had to do, "I gotta make a record!". That was the plan with Adler’s Appetite the whole time, I was thinkin’ we’re gonna make a record and put it out, and then the band broke up, and I was like, "Dude, I ain’t stoppin now!". So, I started shopping for a deal with several different companies, but I just decided to get an investor and do it that way, make it independently. I built a state-of-the-art recording studio and produced the record myself. It’s kinda crazy, I went like ‘one-man band’ style on it; did all the drums, guitar, bass, vocals, and engineering and production. I just did everything myself, it’s a twelve song album, it’s called TARSHA PROPHECIES. It will be available online at my website,!

FANSITE: Right on! Have you been playing any shows? Do you have a band?

SHELDON: I’m recruiting members right now. I have a couple of people helping me scout the available talent. I definitely want to put together an exciting lineup, with guys that are known, or have done some significant work who can rise to the style. It’s really aggressive hard rock. It’s geared toward everyone that liked Adler’s Appetite, as well as the modern rock crowd. I’m really excited for the people to hear it!

FANSITE: Will there be distribution outside the Internet, too?

SHELDON: Yeah, I have plans…I’m working with the legal firm that handles the Rolling Stones. I don’t have their whole roster but they’re one of the biggest. They’ve got 72 offices in countries around the world. They’re helping me get the whole distribution thing going. Plus, I’ve had a relationship with Union Entertainment for 14 years, and they’re onboard with the record. They handle bands like Nickelback. It’s just a matter of time. I’m not really good with all the technical avenues, I just make the record and let everybody else do the business stuff.

FANSITE: So the record is out this month, how soon after do you plan to be out there touring and doing shows?

SHELDON: March 2007! That’ll give me enough time to put a band together, y’know? Take one step at a time without putting the cart before the horse!

FANSITE: Right. Well, looking back at those incidents with Adler’s Appetite in Europe, how do you feel about them now?

SHELDON: I’m thankful for the entire experience. I mean, it was awesome! I got to tour with one of my idols and make a bunch of new friends and play with a bunch of awesome musicians! I have no regrets at all! I harbor no resentment, I’m actually grateful to Steven for showing me a great time and taking me around the world! I was pissed when I first got back, y’know? I was really pissed. But I made peace with it, I’m movin’ on and I’m thankful to be where I’m at now, with a new record.

FANSITE: Are you in touch with any of the (Adler’s Appetite) guys still?

SHELDON: No, I haven’t spoken with any of them. I read an interview on your site where Steven said he was sorry and that was good enough for me. I feel cosmically connected to Steven. We were meant to collaborate on the music we did. Y’know, I lived in his house for almost a month, we were writing songs and having a good time! It was like being in a garage band with Steven Adler from Guns N’ Roses! It was cool! Those are some of the coolest memories! I’m really glad that I met all the people from playing with Steven – Keri, Robbie, Michael, Chip, JT, and how many other people on the road? I just made a whole new world of friends. I can’t have any regrets about that! It’s just another chapter and you just keep moving on!

FANSITE: Exactly! So are you planning a club tour, or possibly a tour with another band?

SHELDON: We’ll see what happens, I’m not putting any limits on it. I wanna see what doors are open. A lot of it will be based on the strength of the record. We’ll see how it does at radio. Obviously the more popular it gets the bigger the tour will be. I want to go out and play for as many people as possible! I feel that I’m picking up where Adler’s Appetite left off! I don’t feel like that energy ever died for me!

Brooke Ellis, who conducted this interview, is a writer and editor for Skinnie Magazine.



Sheldon Tarsha has undergone superhuman metamorphosis with his new album, Prophecies. He is now simply TARSHA, and at the risk of stroking his humble ego way out of proportion, I'd like to now refer to him as the ‘Apocalyptic Messiah of Rock’. I just bought and heard the new CD through and through, and I have to say, I'm amazed! Album Art isn't dead but actually back! It's not only a great rocking album, but an album like in the days of the LP, that's more than surface deep, with conceptual unity and still plenty of room for interpretation. ‘Prophecies’ is rapturous, virtuous, completely original, and sounds like Tarsha, the artist.

Prophecies is cathartic, going from "Dirty" to "Generation-H", from original sin to exodus to a place of unity and harmony. This is what's been missing all year--something epic, something about the human race from birth to death and all that's in-between, a story of biblical proportion from a unique and sincere perspective, speaking to individual hearts as well as addressing humanity at large. This album is so huge, so cult, it's classic. I already had total respect for Tarsha as a top notch songwriter and musician with his 2005 self-titled EP, but he's grown to be so much more; he has a real vision and things to say with his first full-length album. He's got it all--pitch, control, power, tone, and phrasing. He's a precise and lyrical player. I can say that his metamorphosis is complete and he's well on his way with a killer package to tour with this coming year.

I was particularly blown away with "My First Hit" and "Buried On the Inside" (his voice sounds great! Interesting chord changes in this song, too), though I also love "Ten Stars Away", "Skeletons", "Cynical Christ", "Let You Go" and I'm quite moved by "Generation-H" with that sweet guitar opening through which unfolds a third eye-opening, transcendental coming home anthem. "Why Fight" and "Modern Day Exodus" are important pieces on the CD and give greater meaning to the whole.

Overall, Prophecies is driven by contradicting desires for sex and purity, fantasy and truth, and a courageous call for peace, all delivered with a modern edge and unparalleled command by the most outstanding male rock voice of our time! Job well done! If you want something refreshing, skip the superficial, carbon copy, thoroughly played out scene, and buy Tarsha's new CD, Prophecies, and count your lucky stars for the long-awaited Second Coming.

-Review By Sali Oguri


Feeling a bit camera shy


Having spent years in Hollywood fronting various bands, Sheldon Tarsha was a renowned, although relatively unknown, artist. In 2003, he emerged from obscurity when he was named Male Vocalist of the Year in a national singing competition, and performed live on the US-syndicated 'Mark and Brian' radio show. He recorded a best-selling EP, which won him 7 International Songwriting Awards from Billboard, Independent Music Awards, International Songwriting Competition, and Song of the Year.

Tarsha capitalized on the buzz of his newfound notoriety by immediately hitting the live stage. A fiery performance of the classic rock anthem, “Welcome to the Jungle”, caught the attention of former Guns N' Roses member Steven Adler, who co-wrote the song as well as the host of others on the seminal rock masterpiece ‘Appetite For Destruction’. He offered Tarsha the gig as lead vocalist for a world tour with his own band, Adler’s Appetite. They performed for hundreds of thousands of fans. In true Rock n’ Roll spirit, controversy was never far behind during their trek. In the midst of speculation of over-indulgence of the rock star lifestyle, Adler went AWOL in Europe. The band returned home amid much scandal and publicity.

Like the phoenix, Tarsha has risen from the ashes of Adler’s Appetite, vowing to continue his Rock n’ Roll mission. Scheduled for official release in Jan. 2007, Tarsha returns to the spotlight with his first full-length, self-produced album, 'PROPHECIES'. Already being hailed as a modern rock tour de force, ‘PROPHECIES’ shows Tarsha at his best. Blending a contemporary heavy sound with the kind of old-school rock, which is now experiencing a resurgence, Tarsha is in ready position to dominate the rock world. Working with top names in the industry, he has cultivated a worldwide fan base and will tour internationally in support of the new album. To get more information and hear the music, visit Tarsha’s website at