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Tart Vandelay

Rochester, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Rochester, NY
Established on Jan, 2014
Duo Alternative Indie


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Tart Vandelay @ Mr. Goodbar

Buffalo, New York, United States

Buffalo, New York, United States



"Tart Vandelay - "Spin""

“Rochester-based act Tart Vandelay have a unique new song on their hands called “Spin.” The song is based predominantly around a looping vocal sample and sparse percussion, falling somewhere on the spectrum between an Adele song and “Killing Me Softly” by The Fugees. Fans of either of those acts or St. Vincent would dig Tart Vandelay. “Spin” is off of Tart Vandelay’s latest release, Frontier Pioneer.” - buffaBLOG

"Tart Vandelay - "Frontier Pioneer""

“Tart Vandelay’s debut release ‘Frontier Pioneer’ EP has been a long time coming. This four song EP is less than twelve minutes of music. It offers a shimmer, a brief moment, into another realm. A quick glimpse of paradise. Like a good dream, making you wish you could experience more. A bombastic debut album. The band’s music has a lounge room feel. Equal parts Jazz, Latin, Folk, and Soul. Tart Vandelay blows you off your feet then leaves you begging for more. The harmonies you want to hear sitting in a leather-bound booth in a haze of smoke. ‘Frontier Pioneer’ grabs a hold of you. The only problem with ‘Frontier Pioneer’ is how short it is. It plays games with your heart. You do not want it to end. It is just long enough for you to get comfortable. Then it pulls the rug right from under you. As soon as you get lost in the sound it ends. For now, I can just cross my fingers and hope Tart Vandelay releases a full length soon.” - Rochester Insomniac

"Tart Vandelay takes its music just shy of infinity"

“Love precedes Tart Vandelay as it leaves a chaotically smooth pastel wash in its wake. With jazzy guitar and looped female vocals that stop just shy of infinity, Tart Vandelay is mesmerizing in its stunning, deceptive simplicity. Tart Vandelay's sound floats in the cracks and fissures found in conventional music. You'll hear things you never heard before. The music this band creates is to be seen and felt as much as it is to be heard. When is the last time you heard delicious? When is the last time you saw loud? Tart Vandelay recently added two new members, bassist Steve Petoniak and drummer Chris Dubuc-Penney. Initially hired on as live-only players, the two have graduated to full time participation in the studio as well as the stage; the band shines in both arenas for performance, exploration, and self-definition. Tart Vandelay has one EP out and is working on another due to drop this fall.” - CITY Newspaper

"Tart Vandelay on the art of creating transcendence through music"

“Tart Vandelay is as fun and feisty as their name. With bopping beats and catchy choruses, they’ve been winning the hearts of music lovers in Western NY and beyond with their live shows over the past year. Charismatic couple Katie Halligan and Martin LoFaso started the project while studying at Berklee College of Music, and have since added band members Pete Zamniak on bass and Christopher Dubuc-Penne on drums. Last fall’s EP "Frontier Pioneer" is a zesty little delight. Blending art with inspiration, the collection of songs are the acoustic equivalent of a novella which celebrates the triumph of the human spirit over adversity.” - NYS Music Magazine

"Hearing Aide: "Tart Vandelay - Flow""

The jazzy four-track-long collection paints a landscape filled with images of whipping whirlpool winds, relentlessly echoing rays of sunshine, midnight moonlight, and misty rain clouds. The elements of the cosmos become metaphors for emotional states, as a story unfolds about facing fear and uncertainty. Tart Vandelay isn’t just stopping to smell the roses; they’re making a mindful exploration into the cyclical rhythms in the universe and tendency for tumult to succumb to order. As the sequel to last year’s debut EP Frontier Pioneer, Flow offers further proof of Tart Vandelay’s endearing ability to uplift and inspire through music. - NYS Music Magazine

"Tart Vandelay - Flow: Swooning Indie that's easing minds everywhere"

Rochester’s own Tart Vandelay may have the best band name around in terms of juicy satire, but their sound isn’t joking around. The latest drop from the four-piece is titled Flow, and it’s simply four songs of sweet sounds and messages in regard to dealing with life. Lead singer Katie Halligan is an invaluable kudos, as she harbors such a beautiful swoon with her lead vocals. Her entire performance on the record is an awesome experience. She’s a triple-threat of sorts in delivering meaningful lyrics, creative melodies and a great songwriter structure to give the songs flow (pun intended, I suppose). The band has created an awesome niche of rhythmic indie, and the instrumentals made it happen. - Floated Magazine

"Tart Vandelay - Flow"

On Flow, the band is blending ethereal and polished tones together, achieving a smooth and breezy sound. Lead singer Katie Halligan’s voice shifts just as well as the music does; as light and airy as the most laid-back jazz moments, and as full-throated as the heavier rock moments. The EP opens with “High Noon Haze,” a vibey slow burn tune that casually floats along. “Lonely Girl” is a shuffling indie jazz-rock tune reminiscent of early John Mayer. The pace starts to pick up slightly on “Cloudy Doubts,” which rides a beachy vibe and syncopated groove. By the closing track, “Drifting,” they’ve reached full fusion, combining the sonics and influences employed in the previous songs to create an ebb and flow between an acoustic guitar driven jazz-pop A section and a distorted guitar driven indie rock B section. - buffaBLOG

"Album review: "Flow""

“Simple beauty just pours out of this EP like a bloodless, self-inflicted wound. In order for someone to take beauty, somebody has to give it. And Rochester's Tart Vandelay just gives and gives on its new, four-song salvo, "Flow." Though Tart Vandelay has fleshed out its ranks to a foursome since we last heard from it, the beauty and deceptive innocence the band set out to create on earlier duo endeavors remains; the only difference perhaps is there's a little more control. It shows up in the lush production that rocks sweetly without burying the sound in the distraction of a clichéd or forced atmosphere. You can hear the room Tart Vandelay recorded this EP in — it's as if they were playing in the walls.” - CITY Newspaper


Still working on that hot first release.



Tart Vandelay is an Indie Pop duo based in Rochester NY.
Formed in 2014, the group is composed of musical couple Katie Halligan
and Marty LoFaso. The duo began making music together while they were
students Boston, before moving home to Rochester in 2015.

back in Rochester they began touring and performing in the Northeast and
Great Lakes regions, including trips over the border to Canada. During
this time the group released EPs while they experimented with finding a
sound, expanding to include a rhythm section and performing as a

In the spring of 2018 the couple decided to begin
incorporating more electronic elements, and returned to their roots as a
duo. To finalize their first chapter as a band the duo released the
“Janus” EP on May 31st 2019, in preparation for relocating to Phoenix

Band Members