Tartufi writes epic, driving soundscapes that loop and never return. Think progression and cyclical pattern within phrase- destruction, and forward-moving momentum. Tartufi sounds like a more melodic Pelican, like The Fiery Furnaces with more complex arrangements, like Philip Glass.


Tartufi is Brian Gorman and Lynne Angel. They are friends. They make explosive, scary, pretty - and sometimes ouchie - epic masterpieces. Their music is full of live loops (guitar, bass, and vocals) that build on one another to create intense and haunting structures that are supported and furthered by Brian’s frenetic and complex drumming and grounded by Lynne’s beautiful, ethereal, and stabbing vocals.

Tartufi have been performing since 2001. They have a strong and loyal following and were voted by the SF Bay Guardian as one of the best live shows in San Francisco. They play seemless sets- not stopping from the moment they pick up their instruments until the show is over, often trading instruments mid-song, and leaving their audiences in awestruck.

After releasing their critically acclaimed Westward Onward EP (2004), Tartufi returned to producer and engineer Tim Green of The Fucking Champs and Nation of Ulysses at Louder Studios (Comets On Fire, The Melvins, Sleater-Kinner,) to record So We Are Alive, their highly anticipated, first full length album.

In Fall 2005, Tartufi signed on with Spanish label Acuarela Records to release an exclusive 4 song EP titled "Trouble", recorded by Phil Manley of Trans Am at Lucky Cat Studios in San Francsico. After its release Trouble charted in the top 75 on the CMJ charts, Tartufi toured the west coast a number of times, and embarked on a successful east coast college and club tour last fall when the San Francisco Bay Guardian marked Tartufi as one of the top ten bands to explode into the national scene.

After a stunning and memorable showcase at SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST 2006 in Austin, Texas, Brian and Lynne locked themselves in their studio and began writing what would become the next full length album and their most important work to date. What they did in fact was reinvent themselves, shedding the jangly power pop sound, that had until that point had defined the band, for a much more complicated, aggressive, and beautiful sound that became, “Us Upon Buildings Upon Us” (again w/ Tim Green @ Louder Studios).

Us Upon Buildings Upon Us has just been released (10/2/06) and is already receiving attention nationwide. Tartufi is currently promoting the new album, working on a few film scores, playing shows on the west coast, and planning their sping U.S. Tour.


Westward Onward (Thread Records 2004)
So We Are Alive (Thread Records 2005)
Trouble EP (Acuarela Records 2005)
Us Upon Buildings Upon Us (Thread Records 2006)

Set List

Tartufi only play songs off their latest album, "Us Upon Buildings Upon Us" and newer, yet to be recorded material.

I. With Song And Strength
(a. If We Had Daggers They Would Fly)
(b. Mourning's Wake)
(c. My Loathsome Hero)

II. It's Not The Wind Chime That's Broken, It's The Wind

III. Ebenezer You Are Rotten

IV. You Too And Your Many Arms
(a. Boat Of Armor)
(b. Until The Ocean Swallows Stars)

V. The Angels Came To Show It's Alright To Kill

Tartufi's average set length is 45 minutes (3 songs).