Taryn Shea

Taryn Shea


My music is pop with a little bit of country twang. I write relatable songs about chasing dreams, falling in love and heartbreak. Even thought it sounds typical it’s not. I like to tell stories that people can relate to but in a way that they haven’t heard it before.


Born in the vast farming country of central Nebraska, Taryn Shea has set out to share her story through her debut EP “Ordinary Girl.” (2011) Shea’s music is simple, relatable, and blends her influences of pop and country into a refreshing style of her own. Lyrically, the singer-songwriter shares relatable experiences of heartbreak, love, and the flee from a small town. Shea recorded “Ordinary Girl” while studying commercial music at Millikin University in Decatur, IL. Shea is now living in Nashville and working on her full-length album. Listen to Taryn Shea’s music at www.reverbnation.com/tarynshea or purchase her EP on ITunes.


Debut EP "Ordinary Girl" by Taryn Shea