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Tasha Paige

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More than words and more than music.It is simply God inspired,heartfelt,soul stirring Holy Ghost anointed Praise.


Minyonne Natasha Paige was born December 14, 1975, in Bowling Green Kentucky. She lived a life pleasing to only the enemy and yet God still receives the glory because her testimony was formed and her victory over the devil won. Growing up in this small city she was unaware of her bondage to sin until God called her out of it. In was then, in 1998, that she died to sin and resurrected a minister for Christ. She is His vessel. The vessel God uses as the straw that He blows through to create the lyrics that fit the beats that completes the rhyme. Many call her a rap artist. God calls her... His vessel.

Not only does God breath through Tasha Paige to create flows that pierce the heart and draw you to the foot of the cross. But God also allows His Word to be brought in a powerful way. Knowing that the days in which we are living are short she has vowed to be an instrument for Jesus; presenting Jesus crucified, Jesus resurrected, Jesus the only way to God the Father.Ms.Paige has been a Motivational Speaker and Bible Instructor for 5 years. Going door to door in communities from Kentucky, Alabama, and Florida leading souls to Christ. She also does spotlights for the Kentucky/Middle Tennessee Youth Federations. Bringing across thought provoking sermon nets that calls the youth to examine their walks with Christ .Ms. Paige has been blessed to speak at Women Day Events, Youth Days, Single Retreats, Weeks of Prayer and much more. Delivering powerful sermons entitled “Answer tha Call”,” Rags or Riches”,”Ye shall receive Power”;” All Eyes On Me”;” I came to Myself” just to name a few. Ms. Paige believes just as Joshua led the people into the Promised Land so God has young zealous people that are going to do even greater things in these last days. God is looking for youth with “another spirit” and so He has found one in this young woman. If you happen to meet her on the streets look forward to have an awesome worship experience because she lives to give God all Glory, Praise, and Honor. Ms.Paige believes that the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth is the standard to strive by. She lives by the motto her pastor told her years ago;”If the devil hits you hit that rascal back with the fist of Jesus”
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Minyonne Paige
901 Jackson St. C2
Bowling Green, Ky 42101


Ride or Die

Written By: Minyonne N. Paige

I might have to ride or die/ when Christ comes I be meet'n Him in da sky/ Dont worry momma there aint no need to cry/ I'm on a mission from God so you can dry your eye

H.E.A.V.E.N you gonna die cuz you broke God's law and it's a sin/ dont wonder why you cant never win with the devil around/ you living in hell cuz heaven is where the righteous bound/ I see my crown and its layed up wait'n for me/ if I fight the good fight and endure to the e.n.d/ cuz Jesus Christ showed me how to live righteously/ there's no excuse for me to continue in my iniquity/ So listen please for that day the salvation is at your door/ Let him in and He will sup and He'll disrupt all the plans the devil has for the/ so be free from the prostitution gloc shooting/ lying steal'n cheat'n givin folks verbal beat'ns/ mistreat'n your body sippin on that forty/ adulterizing evil surmising trapp'n you in dem flames that be risin'/ to your surprisin you wont burn eternally I know that's what you believe but that's not God's true seed/ but dont trust me check it out in malachi 4/ the devil has infultrated but the truth destroys his yoke/ and his cloak of lies that he trys to hide/ attempting to use God's word as his master of desquise/ but I'll expose him like dem skeletons in your closet/ got the truth flowing out my mouth like a running faucet/ the sign's been posted the devil he's got to go/ give God residence and presidence and let Him run the show

Don't cry dry your eye shed no tears for me/ see Jesus saved me so blood stained I be/ I reign with He who equally is one of the three/ He layed His life down picked it up again and now I'm family/ adopted by God and the Son of man/ we all wrapped in one you cant understand/ eternal mystery conceived through a virgins womb/ empregnated by the Holy Spirit got Him from the tomb/ now He's sitt'n on the right hand crowned Priest and King/ He sent His spirit down so I could reign as queen/ a scripture feign sin has no dominion over me/ treading on scorpions and serpants heads victoriously/ no glory to me cuz if He had no love for the weak/ I'd be slangin that yayo and puttin that torch to the weed/ but fortunately He looked down from the utter pulled me from the gutter/ so I can live it for the others that stuck in a rut like they cant get in/ Christ is waiting to bring that pain to an end so let Him in.

From My Heart to Yours

Written By: Tasha Paige

This is for my family that's wrapped up in da devils game/ from my heart to yours Christ can still heal da pain/ I know yall feel me out there He's still stoppin da rain/ Just let Him in I guarantee there will come a change

I woke up from my night terror drippin in sweat/ bed wet, last sound on my breath was the words dont forget/ man I tried to shake it you see/ but the innocent blood was callin out from the grave beneath/ like Abel's did when he was murdered by his brother Cain/ got me think'n that blood thicker than water dont mean a thang/ full of pain cuz that's not suppose to happen in the family/ but God revealed to me my true geneology/ it goes deaper than the ones that bear my last name/ deeper than my mother, father, brothers, sisters, uncles man/ I got folk that I dont evern know matter fact I got a brother up north and he sniffin that snow/ I got a sister on the block and she livin it up/ my auntie she done died so she pushing the dust/ my uncle in da south drinkin everyday/ emotionally destroying his family by the words that he say/ I got a cousin on lockdown 25 with an L/ rottin in jail wait'n for mail preprogrammed to fail/ cuz no one schooled him bout what happened at calvary/ 31 B.C Christ fulfilled prophecy/ that was spoken of in Daniel 9:27/ in the midst of the week the oblation did cease/ in other words the lamb of God had come to die/ no longer are we in Adam/ but in christ we rise open your eyes and see/ that He did it all for you/ change can come to old passes away and all things are come as new

Let me get to the heart of the matter what I came to tell to ya/ Christ can give you power and He will never bail on ya/ folks fail'n ya and doin you in by raping your trust/ So you fallin away when He comes to touch you with love/ cuz that fear wont let another in mother father never been a friend/ let that boy in cuz he said he loved ya just to get them skins/ and that same boy on tha other end he playing pretend/ daddy neva showed him how boys were to become as men/ so he been bottle fed by some weed head mentally dead/ took him under his wing pushing dem at tender thirteen/ no longer chasing them dreams its all about the bling/ but in his eyes I see him crying on the inside slowely dying/ no ones taking the time to get this bird to flying/ but I hear ya and father bottl'n tears/ I'm standing in the gap and ya sister always I'm here


Written By: Tasha Paige

- I cant keep waiting on you
- you gotta get up off that fence
- I cant keep waiting on you
- you gotta make your mind up
- come on for your time is up

(Verse 1)
- lets keep it real how long ago has it been since you heard the voice of God callin home
- but you=ve been on da phone hold nor to dat sin like a dog to a bone
- bes leave it alone time to get in da zone
- Jesus Christ is coming back to reign from His throne
- no flesh will enter in not even a cloan
- not worried about yo status and or your skin tone
- only looking for those that are flesh of His flesh and bone of His bone
- So surrender your will and change that heart of stone
- been playin wit your life , realize its on loan
- thinkin that ya grown cuz you packing dat come crome
- So gone off da world that ya mind is blown
- don=t for get that you=ll reap what you have sown
- from the peeps on da streets to the pewsitter wit da dome
- God wont hold the winds foreva, its bout to be on
- The mountains wont hide even if ya moan and groan
- Let it be known to all the sin proan
- Jehovahs mak=n a new earth wickedness will be ova throans

(Verse 2)
- I know ya not feelin me, thinkn I=m speakin from the side of my neck
- Don=t trust me lets go check what the word says in Psalms 37
- yet in a little while the wicked shall not be found
- betta grab the devil and wrestle him to the ground
- And claim your freedom by the thorns in da crown
- how long will you be mesmerized by the thighs
- lips, hips, finga tips, causing your demise
- or you=re a silly woman laden with lust believing lies
- Cant stand living alone controlled by hormones
- pushed Christ so far away using that same old sad song, now He=s gone
- He=s been steady at the door knocking, you was
- crack rockin, bargin shoppin, club hoppin, church flockin
- but to sin neva say n stoppin
- calling heaven your home you in for a shocking
- betta open ya befoe the get to poppin
- Christ comin for dat ripe fruit, not da rotten
(Verse 3)
- let me hit wit ya three points then I=ma get up out
- you already know what I=m speaking about
- Cant get victories to educated to praise and shout
- rule #1 it=s time to open your mouth
- Christ is comin in somethings are comin out (no doubt)
- rule #2 don=t take advantage of His grace
- don=t do your part you will be replaced
- rule #3 last but its not least only the blood of Christ can tame that inner beast
- and get you prepared for eternity
- He=s been waitin 2 long give him what He needs , so when He takes you home you will be at peace From My Heart to Yours

To all my family out there that I don=t know, I=m comin for you to break da bonds of da devil so look for me

- This for my family that;s wrapped up in da devils game
- from my heart to yours
- Christ can still heal da pain
- I know you feel me out there
- He=s still stoppin da rain
- Just let Him in I guarantee there will come a change

(Verse 1)
- I woke up from my night terror drippn in sweat
- Bed wet, last sound on my breath was the words don=t forget
- Man I tried to shake it you see
- but the innocent blood was callin from the grave beneath
- Like Abel=s did when he was murdered by his brother man
- got me thinkin that blood is thicker than watta don=t mean a thang
- full of pain cuz that;s not to happen in da family
- but God revealed to me my true geneology
- it goes deeper than the ones that bear my last name
- deeper than mother, father, brothers, sisters man
- I got folk that I don=t even know
- matter fact I got a brother up north shiffn da snow
- I got a sister on da block livin it up
- I got a auntie that died mow she pushn up da dust
- my uncle in da suth drinkin every day
- emotional destroying his family by the words that he say
- rottin in jail waitn for mail preprogrammed to fail
- cuz no schooled about what happed at Calvary
- 31 A.D. Christ fulfilled prophecy
- that was spoken in Dan. 9:27
- the oblation was to cease in da midst of da weak
- in other words the lamb had come 2...
- so no longer are we in Adam
- but in Christ we rise
- open ya eyes and see it=s all for you
- change can come to old passes aways and all things shall come as new

- Let me get to the heart of the matta, what I came to tell ya
- Christ can give ya power and neva bail on ya
- folks fail=n ya doin ya in and rape=n ya trust
- So you fallin away when He comes to touch wit love
- cuz that fear won=t let anotha person in, mother father neva been a friend
- let that boy in cuz he said he loved ya just to get dem skins
- and that same boy on tha otha end playin pretend
- daddy neva showed him how boys were to become men
- so he bieng bottled feed by wome weed head mentally dead
- took him unda his wing, pushing dem things at tenace thirteen
- No longer chasing his breams its all about the bling
- but in his eyes I see him cryin on things lowely
- No ones take the time to get this bi


For her first Album,Ms.Paige's 'At Last' has featured on WLOU and WLLV in Louisville,Ky. She was featured as the local love artist twice and hit the local charts as #3 out of the top six.This is the only beginning of a bright future.

Set List

1.Food Fa Thought
2.Where Would I Be
3.Come Wit Me
4. My Heart To Yours
5.Come Home
6.I Live By Faith
7.Aunt Flo
8.Don't Cry
9. Time To Wake Up
10.Just Because Of Who You Are
11.Watch YoSelf
12.New Jerusalem Word
13.Praise Him
14.It Is Finished