Tasherre D'Enajetic

Tasherre D'Enajetic

 Detroit, Michigan, USA
BandHip Hop

I AM HIP-HOP and no one can say otherwise.


An emcee/producer on a mission for World Domination. Born Derrick La'Mont Thompson in the same birthplace of many of your all time favorite artists Detroit, MI. Very young I developed the love for music thanks to my parents who kept that good soul, funk and jazz playing in the house. In the 80s, I started paying attention to evolving artform of Hip-Hop. Run-DMC, LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane, Eric B & Rakim and KRS-One began molding me into the Hip-Hop artist/fanatic I've become.

To date I have 5 official releases under my belt and plethera of guest appearances. My latest project P52: Bootleg Edition, is a result of me writing, recording and posting a song a week for an entire year on my website. After taking a year off I'm back to finish what I started. In December 2010 I plan on releasing the official P52 which will be professionally re-recorded, mixed, mastered and pressed. As the highlight of the release party I will perform all 52 songs live.

Log onto my website http://tasherredenajetic.com to follow The Process leading up to this event.


Game Over: 1998-2002 (2003)

Enavisions (2004)

V The EP (2007)

P52: Weeks 1-26 Bootleg Edition (Spring 2009)

P52: Weeks 27-52 Bootleg Edition (Summer 2009)

Set List

Set list normally changes depending on the time of my set. I can do anywhere from 15-60 minutes easy.