Tashka Urban

Tashka Urban

 Alice Springs, Northern Territory, AUS

Schizophrenic music that changes personality almost while you're looking at it...


What is "Human Canvas Project (HCP)" ?

Artists who’ve joined forces to create an ‘out there’ live show and push the boundaries of what is considered life and art. We merge Musicians, Video Jammers (VJ’s), Dancers, Performance Artists, and anything made-on-the-spot to form a Cross-Art outfit. We aim to raise consciousness with Art. We explore a new theme for each show, which we 'question', 'convey' & 'challenge' through collaboration.
We are a Creative Collective.

"A way for the UnderGround to become the GroundAbove"
- Tka


So what if your life was just a canvas?
Are you colouring too light or too dark?
Are you stuck inside the lines?
Are you designing new shapes?
What do you look like at the end of the day?
And how many other canvases
did you touch
“Life is a Tripping, Mind-Gripping,
Moment-Flipping, Arse-Whipping,
Reality-Sipping dream!



Together in this Life...

Written By: Tashka Urban

You see the blood in the eyes of the ppl on the streets
you walk away bcz you know you can
it doesn't touch your life so what do you care
what do you care about them?
You see the footage and you hear the news of how
other parts of the world's abused
brought up in a life of oppression
gotta ask ourselves the question...

coz we sat back and watched as the blood spilled
over and over and over their face
now they see that it's pay back time
they're gonna put us in our place

Truth is - we're in this life,
in this world

Do you feel a little safer now you pretty thing?
now you got the hand of control wrapped round your everything
how much does it take for us to open our eyes
no matter where it happens now it's part of our lives

so please mr corporate man with your dirty money and your petty lies
wake up and see who's bigger here is the one that goes and tries
no longer can dividing lines of money separate
make the change now, free this world of hate

Truth is -
we're in this life,
in this world

Used to be the 'in' thing 30 yrs ago to try and
'save the world - save the world'
now look at us, look at what we are, what we've bcm
now it's 'save ourselves - save ourselves'
((Falling, falling away))
soon the layers will reveal the new day
((falling, falling away))
soon we'll leave this path to find a better way

If we see - what we Are - if we Mean what we Do
If we Laugh and we cry and we're
passionate enough to Pull Through....

External Thinking

Written By: Tashka Urban


The thinking’s external – woah woah woah X2

External thinking, set’s the mind blinking
The process of the Brain is how we play our own Game
External thinking, momentary linking
To take up any Side you got to go on any Ride

No need to bother with the things you wouldn’t bother with
No need to be anywhere any time
It’s just a calling of the unlimited falling
You could ask all you want but it comes in it’s own time

[[Pre Chorus]]
If you want to do what you like
Then it comes in it’s own time
If you want to turn on the light
Let it come in its own time

You know, you know,
You’ll dig it out,
You know, you know,
You’ll come about

Those things you find, it’s in your mind
You know you know -The Thinking’s External.

Woah woah woah, woah – the Thinking’s External X4

External Thinking, momentary drinking.
The truth you swallow Down is how the next part comes Around
External Thinking, instantary sinking
The more you open Wide the more you let it all Inside

There is a Saying that the game you might be Playing
Is as much as you make of it at any time
Just got to Take in every moment that you’re Makin
You will get to the end but it comes in it’s own time

[[Pre Chorus – then CHORUS]]

Sneaky Sneaky

Written By: Tashka Urban


The only thing that is a bother to do
Is the thing you haven’t bothered to do
& the only thing that is difficult to sa¬y
is the thing you make hard when you go that way

& if you think that 1 +1 is 2 then you
better remember when you add Me to You
There’s a little extra part when you combine the two you see
So the You plus Me is now We, and make Three.

So the I is You, the You is Me,
It’s all just aspects of reality
Do we lose our mind’s to come to our senses
Or is it all part of our own pretences

There’s a little bit of this, & a little bit of that
& you put it all together & it all goes SPLAT
& a little bit of this & a little bit of that
& you put it all together & it all goes WACK

& a little bit of this & a little bit of that
& you put it all together till it all goes
It all goes, it all goes,
It all, just, goes…

[Take a taste of the Sensation]
[Global Mass Hallucination]
Hear the entire sleeping nation
Wrapped up in its own creation

Not to do it, what’s the answer
If you want to ask the question
Nothing comes from doing nothing
This time don’t you think you’d learn your Lesson

Who’d have thought you’d be caught in the middle of it
Wrapped up like a roll in the riddle of it
Something tells you, something answers
Might as well go take your chances

Question, the authorities, & don’t believe all that you see
It’s only a battery that follows its own strategy

Liar liar, pants on fire
You can’t catch me I’m a step up higher
King of the Castle, Humpty on the wall,
The higher you sit, the further you fall

As the moral of the story goes,
Everybody knows that nobody knows,
You say this & I say that
You want to spit & I want to spat

Aoksjden alksjdf alkwej lkasj
You know you want to say it
Oakjlka kl;a lk s l;akjs
You know you want to say it

Round & round & round it goes
Where it stops nobody knows
Turn it back around again
In the end there is no end

In the End there is, no, End…



• AUGUST 06:
"Ask Your Self" Ep - Tashka Urban

Set List


NOTE: the whole show consists of live musicians collaborating with multi-media and cross-art performers (ie; dance, projections, visual art, theatre).

• The Human Canvas Project live show hits off with the humourous and theatrical HoboHemians performing to "Sneaky Sneaky" (See attached Music File and images).

• The audience is then taken into a trance with “Mantric Man Trick” (available on upcoming album) performed by the tantalizing tribal belly dancer Kael Murray.

• While the scene unfolds, VJ Artist Ronja Moss uses still images jammed live to the music, moving from the beginning of evolution through to the world we live in today.

• All the while, each act is driven by Solid HCP beats & music tracks; some of them entirely danceable, some of them a little bit bizarre, all of them worth