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Tashka Urban

Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia

Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia
Band Alternative Pop


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"Overview - Music NT"

?“We are not the people we were 5 years ago.? We are not the people we were 5 minutes ago.? Our minds, our Cells, our Thoughts, our Decisions, are slightly different every instance.? Every moment, we are new... ? ...Life is a changing point of view.”- lyrics by Tashka Urban

Tashka’s songs possess a depth of musicianship and lyrical poignancy that belie her meager years. Her dynamic performances are the bear witness to an artist who relishes the stage. Though her voice brims with surety, it is never at the expense of that naked honesty which characterizes her music.

In her own words …

“The way I see it is, if I’m on a stage, I have an opportunity to get something across - to DO something with that time. I don’t want to waste it on self-indulgence. It’s about the music. It’s about getting up there and connecting with people on a larger scale, and every person walking away from that experience with more than what they arrived with.”?
At just twenty-three years of age Tashka is already an integral part of the Central Australian music scene and passes on her knowledge and passion to what must by now be an army of students. Tashka has been working in Sydney with her Producer, Paul Searles and her much awaited EP will be released June 2006.
- Music NT

"Degener8 Youth Magaziene"

1. Where would you like to go in the future?
Although it is such a HUGE part of my life, music is still just a vehicle I use to drive myself out into the world with. It is the biggest addiction in my life and probably a friend that understands me more than any, but it is still just a way of living! Everyone has a vehicle to drive themselves through life with. I think our careers are simply the tool we use to define who we are in the world. For me music is the best tool because it has the ability to reach people – and connect them around the globe. We could use music to do so much - so apart from releasing my own CD with my angle on things, I’d like to run music workshops which use entertainment to deliver messages. Workshops which give the youth their say on society so the people who are growing up in tomorrow’s world, are actually getting a chance to really step into it!

2. What do you consider to be your biggest achievement?

Yeah right! You expect me to be able to answer that! The answer is changing all the time coz your outlook alters as you grow. But it’s a good question to reflect on because often I can get distracted trying to look for the next mountain to climb – which of course has to be bigger and better than the last! It’s a horrible addiction of the human race, but at the same time so beautiful. We’re these amazing creatures of evolution, always striving to become more than we are. I think that’s why we sometimes forget to stop and realize that we are always exactly where we need to be!
A lot of my songs are written about this sort of stuff, so I guess that means being able to write music is what I consider to be my biggest achievement.
If I look back at my life, I think it’s really obvious that the best thing I ever could have done was learn to play my instrument! THAT is what has enabled my life to be what it is, and THAT is what is opening a million doors to my future!

3. Why did you choose a career in music?

Music is a universal language. It speaks to all of us on all levels. Music is something EVERYONE loves, and is also something that can cater for every kind of human being on this earth. It is the one thing in history which has been able to make a change in society.
To me it is Ultimate!
Originally, as a kid, music was just something I took to I guess – and it has never left me since! Out of all the things I could have chosen to make a career out of, this was the most ‘me’ – although I didn’t realize this straight away. I’m walking the path of music now because a lot of people out there really believed in me and helped push me in this direction. It takes a lot of guts to believe you can go out there and be worthy enough to live your dream – and it took a lot for me to finally believe in myself and say “Yes – I can do this! THIS is the career I want!”. So I guess it chose me – I just had to let it in.

4. What do you like about it?

Doing music for a living? Easy! I get paid doing something I LOVE!!! Everything I do with it is something I’d want to be doing anyway! If you’re going to spend most of your hours Every day - Each week - all Year – working, you might as well do something you enjoy!

5. What do you dislike about it?

Hmmm.... There’s always got to be an answer to this question coz there’s always room for improvement... I guess the question is not so much what I dislike, but more what do I find challenging?
Not being able to get my ideas out there as quick as I’d like to I guess. The higher you get on the ladder, the more there is you need to know about climbing it. Plus you also get a bigger perspective as you go of all the things you could be doing in your life, and sometimes I can’t keep up with my ideas. I have so many.

6. Where do you get your inspiration?

Life really. Where else! It could be two words someone says to me or a whole kaleidoscope of things mixed together. Anything which triggers my thoughts.
Each song is my perspective on a situation. Sometimes I try to write songs from other people’s perspectives. Sometimes I am just using the music to sort out what I think of something. By getting a song “OUT” I understand myself a little better.
Lately I’ve been really listening to other people’s music more than I have in a long time, and it’s really firing me forward.

7. Who do you look up to in the music industry?

A whole range of artists, and really anyone who can write a brilliant song and catch my attention. From “JBT”, to “Counting Crows” - “Christina Aguilera” - “Black Eyed Peas” - “George” - “Joss Stone”... The list could go on.
I guess I look up to John Butler for the way he has gone his own direction and beat the system. He chose to go Independent instead of through a major label so I suppose has been able to cut a better deal for himself, and still keep some artistic license on the whole thing. The best thing about him is his music stands for something. It’s so REAL!
Also Michael Franti and Ben Harper for having strong messages in their music. They all do, and I admire that. Even Christine Aguilera has purpose in her music on her new album, and I can’t get enough of it! The Black Eyed Peas do it with their song “Where is the Love”.
I love music that not only sounds good, but is there for a reason!
THAT is the music of the future.

8. What's next for Tashka Urban?

I guess I’ll be going where ever life takes me. There’s only so much control you can have over the direction you take, and the rest of it you have to leave up to the elements.
I love everything about Alice Springs and I have really enjoyed growing up here and all the opportunities it has given me, but I know it is time to move on soon and experience something bigger. You’ve got to change with the seasons – and I can feel the seasons of my life changing now. I’ve got to get out there and spread my wings – find out what this big wide world is all about, and what part I play in it all.
– Tashka Urban - Carry Barlow



• AUGUST 06:
"Ask Your Self" Ep - Tashka Urban



What is "Human Canvas Project (HCP)" ?

Artists who’ve joined forces to create an ‘out there’ live show and push the boundaries of what is considered life and art. We merge Musicians, Video Jammers (VJ’s), Dancers, Performance Artists, and anything made-on-the-spot to form a Cross-Art outfit. We aim to raise consciousness with Art. We explore a new theme for each show, which we 'question', 'convey' & 'challenge' through collaboration.
We are a Creative Collective.

"A way for the UnderGround to become the GroundAbove"
- Tka


So what if your life was just a canvas?
Are you colouring too light or too dark?
Are you stuck inside the lines?
Are you designing new shapes?
What do you look like at the end of the day?
And how many other canvases
did you touch
“Life is a Tripping, Mind-Gripping,
Moment-Flipping, Arse-Whipping,
Reality-Sipping dream!