tash Le Strange

tash Le Strange


Tash Le Strange likes to describe her music as dirty country. A mixture of acoustic, folk, slide guitar and roots as well as country. She is known as a solo artist but she also plays with a band behind her.


Not all country music is about cattle and long yards, well at least Tash Le Strange’s music isn’t. Tash describes her music as dirty country, a mixture of country, folk and roots. Having loved music all her life, Tash began singing, song-writing and playing guitar at a very young age. This has led her to be currently studying for a Bachelor of Popular Music at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. In 2003, Tash Le Strange was one of twelve finalists to win ABC’s Fresh Air competition with her track “New Day” (to find out more information visit www.abc.net.au/freshair). In 2000 Tash was also runner-up in the ABC Southern Queensland talent search.
At the age of 22, Tash Le Strange has had many experiences in the music industry including performing over South-East Queensland particularly in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. She has developed her musician skills by completing certificate three in contemporary music performance and also contemporary music business at the Southbank institute of TAFE.

Tash Le Strange is one future artist to look out for. She is a fun loving girl full of character and life, who prefers to do nothing else then play her music. She is a talented musician with loads of potential. Look out for her debut E.P, ‘Dirty Soles’ to be on sale, Feburary 2006.


I'm Still Here

Written By: Tash Le Strange

Verse 1:
I don’t know much about silly games,
but I know that its not right when they are played on me.
Do you see right through me?
Can you not see the heart beat inside me?

Hello, I’m still here. I’m not ready to leave.
I’m not gunna stand in your way
But I’m not gunna move just for your sake.
Can you see me? I’m still here.

Verse 2:
Sometimes I feel I don’t belong,
Sometimes I feel I’m on this road alone,
Can you take me as I am?
I’m not gunna do better then I can.


I’m screaming inside but nobody hears
What I am trying to say
I am me, and I am real
And nothings going to change.

New Day

Written By: Tash Le Strange

Seasons fly by, to those who have regrets
Who didn’t get out when they had the chance, what achievements they could’ve met
Well its too late now, they can’t turn back time.
Lucky for me, its alright, I’m ready to go and find

I’m on my way now, searching for a new day.
If you ask me to stay, I might think twice for you
If I don’t go now, I never will.

I cross the street funny enough, to get to the other side
No matter the size of the walkway,
I take things in my own stride
Well this may seem untrughful, for something so small,
But it all makes sense when compared to the long haul.


You can’t turn around for another glance
When you’ve had your time.. Did you waste the chance?

Heartache on the JukeBox

Written By: Tash Le Strange

Verse 1:
Little fun down smokey bar, In a sleepy town.
Plays blues on Saturday night
Sometimes it pulls a crown and sometimes it’s slow.
Nothings new about it, everything’s so old

Heartache on the jukebox,
the tenth time tonight
Patsy Clines still crazy for you
It’s a lonesome night.

Verse 2:
Occasional fights lonely nights
Broken glasses everywhere
The barmaid, she’s been there for twenty years or more.
There ain’t nothing that she don’t see, She’s seen it all.

and so the story goes,
the bar stands no longer
but the memories still remain


E.P- 'Dirty Soles' -- (out soon)

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