Tasia McIntyre-Bader

Tasia McIntyre-Bader

 San Rafael, California, USA

Imagine a song with hooks like Britney Spears', chops like Ella Fitzgerald, and adorable honesty like Taylor Swift. Tasia McIntyre-Bader delivers all this and more with a rich, complex voice and a strong personality.


Tasia McIntyre-Bader is a singer, songwriter, producer, and recording engineer. Her songs are catchy and quirky, leaving the listener with feelings of youth and a nostalgia for things that haven't even happened yet.

Tasia started her investigation of the perfect pop song at a young age, learning how to sing every Spice Girls, Sheryl Crow, Britney Spears, and Mandy Moore song she could get her hands on. As her knowledge grew and her palate changed, she moved on to jazz and began to emulate artists like Ella Fitzgerald and Billy Holiday. She taught herself to play guitar, and became involved in music classes at school.

Tasia spent hours and hours recording herself in her bedroom, creating full arrangements of the songs she wrote with very little equipment. After graduating from high school, she realized that she had found her passion, and decided to attend the prestigious Ex'pression College in the East Bay of California. She was one of just a few girls to graduate from the institution.

Tasia writes songs for herself to record and perform, as well as for others to sing.


Tasia McIntyre-Bader, "To Fall in Love" - LP (2010)