Our music is roots based and it encompasses our collective cultural heritage. Our music it heart centred and comes from our experiences in life.
It has Jazz , Blues Soul and African elements to it. The vocals are strong and powerful.
It is continuous and ever evolving just like life.


Wajipha- vocals, story telling, lyrics
Anthony- Bass, keys, guitar, production

Anthony's influences are jazz, rock, electronic and world music. He has had years of experience playing base in a local flamenco band.

Wajipha's influences are soul, R&B, reggae, african and many more. She has been dancing all her life and has recently progressed to singing. I am a story teller and also do a Cultural Awareness performance in which I sing, dance and tell my story of coming to terms with my own cultural identity which is Australian/ Zambian. I take this through schools with the intention to inspire young people. The premiss of my performance is what looks like obvious difference isn't difference at all. The only difference is cultural difference.

The way Anthony and I work at the moment is that he gets me to listen to some music he has written and I intuitively choose the piece that resonates with me and then the lyrics begin to unfold before me.

Our story is about inclusion, acceptance and renewal. I believe that there is an artist in all of us and given the right opportunities we are all able to express this..

Check out www.tasilculture.com for more information about cultural performances.