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The lyrical power of Carole King mixed with the musical sense of Elton John with a dash of Broadway, gospel, and jazz. Sprinkled with beautiful harmonies.


Tassany is the combined talents of Tracey Hudson-Brown and Cas Countz. Both are fairly new to the industry, but their love of music is woven into every fabric of their being. Tracey, the sultry voiced lead singer and main lyric writer of the duo, spent many days of her youth singing to the albums of her older sisters. Her lyric style is linked to many of the female singer/songwriters of the 70's, especally Carole King and Joni Mitchell. She began her musical career with the solo CD "Butterfly" in 2000. Cas, is the man behind the melodies, keyboard, vocal harmonies, and occasional lyric writer comes from St. Louis, Missouri. He started playing the organ at the age of 8, switching to the piano at the age of 16 and never went back. He was influenced greatly by Elton John and The Beatles. His musical life changed however, as he started to be intranced with The Beach Boys, and more notably the songwriting skills of Brian Wilson. As adults, Tracey and Cas took career paths that led them from music, but it was never far from their hearts and minds. A chance meeting over the internet in August of 2003 led to a swapping of her CD, and a cheap demo that Cas made on a tape. Four short months later, Cas left most of his family and his previous career to move to Nashville to work with Tracey and Tassany (a combination of their two names), was born. Almost two and half years later, their debut CD, "Home" was released in late Sept. 2006. "Home" is a very melodic, folk type CD, but along the way you will find elements of gospel, soul, and jazz along with their trademark ballads. What you will hear is a combination of two people as they share lessons learned in life flitered through what drives them, love, harmony, and music....



Written By: Tracey Hudson-Brown/Cas Countz

What’s it all about, this crazy life I live,
It’s like thunder on a rainy day.
When does the roller coaster come to a stop
And I find a brand new ride

Wouldn’t it be grand, so very grand
To look up when I’m facing down.
Then maybe I will find the will
To leave my jumbled ways behind
Ways behind…

It’d be the coolest thing
To fly up high like a butterfly
And touch a cloud that never cries
Like a song that’s waiting to be sung
The words and melody come one
It’s touch and feel, but never buy
It’d be like home, it’d be like home
Oh fly me home…

Am I the only one that’s in this rut?
It’s like mud on my shiny red new shoes
Why do I long for something that I cannot have
And find contentment with what I do

Will I always question every single move
And completely miss the show that’s mine?
Help me find the patience and the grace
To leave my jumbled ways behind
Ways behind..


Written By: Tracey Hudson-Brown/Cas Countz

Oh my soul is feeling lowly
Just like when I lost my best friend
Content I’ll be when heaven follows
And His comfort on me, He will extend

Oh my soul is dry and thirsty
It hungers for a place of gentleness
So I’ll wait on grace patiently
And riches that our boundless

Take me over Jordan, take me over home
When my time on earth has ended
Take me to the land of sun,
Where the angels freely roam.
Take me over Jordan, take me over home
Take me where the honey runs
And the streets are paved with gold
Take me over Jordan, take me home

Oh my soul is feeling bruised now
By the hands of those who malign
I’ll forgive them their abuses
And gladly claim the gift I’ve been assigned

Oh my soul craves a little harmony
With an open mind and untainted heart
I look for his wonder and beauty
And stand ready to depart…and stand ready to depart…

The Target Song

Written By: Tracey Hudson/Cas Countz

The Target Song

Alone in the café, seating for two
The smile on your face, all things are new
I always find comfort in those eyes of blue

Run that old bulldozer right over my toes
What’s to come of this, nobody knows
All I know is that this feeling grows and grows

Sentimental journeys leave me cold
Then why am I warm with you?
Loneliness was for me to own,
This road we’re on, never to be alone

The walls are breaking, their crumbling down
Don’t worry ‘bout a think, I’ll always be around
One can’t run from this thing that we found

There’s not a definition, can’t categorize
Only thing left is to lift our voices high
Change their minds one by one, till they realize


There’s something special can’t you hear
We don’t know what, but it’s clear
Watch it take us, take us far and wide.


Home--Fall 2006

Set List

We have enough rehearsed materal for a full hour.