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"Tasso, the new sound?"


Every so often, you discover a sound that’s primed and ready to redefine “this generation”. You share amongst friends, relishing in the honor of being the first to have it on your digital mixtape, at least for the duration of the summer, while it’s still good, still unexploited, still the soundtrack of careless decisions. The dress code comes eventually, but it’s still a club that requires some sort of social initiation, and for a short period of time, it feels like you all own that sound. There’s a sense of relief and pride that someone else’s creative work can act as proof of your own originality

Two things can happen next. One, the sound breaks up. It may be half-heartedly recreated at some point, but the original sound is never heard again (in an esoteric way of course, seeing that everything can be heard again these days).

Two, the sound gains popularity. A savvy business man or woman discovers it’s marketing potential, and proceeds to repackage and sell the sound, and it’s dress code, to people who aren’t in the club, or at least weren’t in the club until they could purchase their way in. This scares off most of the original members, which says a lot about their sense of loyalty, but it’s easy to feel sympathetic towards them.

So is Tasso the new sound? I can’t say, but they sure as hell could be. They being Cat Tasso & Daniel Hutchinson, on guitar/vocals and drums, respectively.

Daniel, or Danny, is the only concrete thing I know about Tasso. He’s an old friend, and a very talented drummer. I don’t say that lightly, hence my putting it in bold. I would title Danny as a Student of The Art of Percussion, but I guarantee you he’d shun such a dramatic and egotistical role (at least publicly). To be honest, I haven’t even spoken to him about Tasso yet. Bless the internet.

Then comes Cattarina Tasso, or Cat, whom I know absolutely nothing about, save a few factoids I’ve gathered from Tasso’s Myspace and obscure bits of articles found through Google. They are the following:

Cat Tasso is Chilean
Cat Tasso moved from San Fransisco to Los Angeles, maybe recently.
Cat Tasso was in a band called May Fire while she lived in San Fransisco (maybe).
However, I have to say that Cat looks good without any public knowledge on her. The mystery suits her, and if I had any input in regards to Tasso’s management and overall image, I’d make it a point to ensure that nobody would ever know anything about Cat Tasso, except that she likes her lyrics understated and her guitar loud and nasty. I’m assuming she writes the lyrics.

I don’t want to put off any former club members by making references to more well known bands that have a female frontman or a two man setup, so I won’t. But I will say that there’s something novel about the girl on guitar, and the drums leaving no room for anything other instruments. In fact, I’ll even say this is what makes Tasso eligible for potential sound of summer ‘09.

Coincidentally this is the exact opposite setup of Old Blood, which is a much scarier version of the sound Tasso might be, and also a band of friends of mine, Caleb & Jael Steinmeyer.

I don’t have any of Tasso’s music (yet), and I’ve never seen them live. All I have to go on is what is on their myspace, but in an attempt to explain why I even wrote this novella on a band I know close to nothing about, on my personal website, which never was nor ever will be a “music blog”, I’m going to break down my listening process on Tasso’s myspace.

Listen to “Don’t love me (I never will)”
Skip to 1:27 on “Made of stone”, listen to the funky breakdown, then repeat step one.
Listen to “Gloomy Days” and make a mental note to find my Le Volume Courbe cd, which I ultimately forget to do. (Apologies to Le Volume Courbe club members)
Listen to “Don’t love me (I never will)”, again.
Listen to “Made of Stone” in its entirety. Consider making a re-edit that’s just the funky breakdown looped for 5 minutes, since it would be a great break to skratch over.
If Tasso becomes the new sound, I’d love to see them blow up. This goes for Old Blood as well, but I know too much about them to write an article with even a hint of unbiasedness. Of course, if and when these bands do blow up, I get special membership, unless they end up suing me for all the re-edits I made of their work.

In short:


- Imnotteo

"Lemme Just Warm Ya'll Up....."

What up MARz, so I went on a minor date last night and for this particular date we decided to stop by a Rock Band showcase at a chill venue [Audie’s olympic club] in Frezzzz,
CA.... I'm sitting there, drinking a beer.... And all the sudden, TASSO!!!!!!! lolz. Wowzers, this band is soooo ahead of its time.... The perfect connection between Guitarist and
Drummer.... I was blown away by there songs.... Everyone
single one.... There band will indeed be apart of our movement we have created with hopes of taking over the world and you can count on future colabs with me and the band in the near future.... Cat & Danny Whaddup!!!! I told
ya'll I got you.... Hah! We Outta HERE!!

Sidenote: Miss Cat is
absolutely adorable in person.... True life doll.... lolz.

http://flmarz.blogspot.com/2009/05/lemme-just-warm-yall-up.html - Frank Lee Marz

"Cat Tasso"

http://themayfire.com/reviews/CattyTassoGuitarPlayer.jpg - Guitar Player Magazine

"Broken Wave Music"

Broken Wave Social
Journal Entry by Broken Wave Music on June 3, 2009
Posted by: HollisChilean

singer/guitarist Cat Tasso teamed up with drummer Daniel Hutchinson to form Tasso a moody, raw and intense rock duo. They're dope! Preview it, download it whatever you do Tasso needs to be in your personal .mp3 player as soon as possible. You'll also run into Tasso hangin' at Broken Wave Social Scene


http://www.brokenwavemusic.com/ - Broken wave music studio


Gower: To be released on July 2nd 2009



TASSO’S first EP to be released on i Tunes September 9th 2009.
In early 2009, Chilean singer/guitarist Cat Tasso recorded GOWER, in Los Angeles, CA, at the all analog studio of Manny Nieto.(The Breeders, Darken my Love)
The band that started as a two piece (with now a new addition on bass) will be will recording a live dvd in San Francisco, the day of the EP release at the Red Devil Lounge.
Next month, look for a preview of TASSO’s first music video, by Russian director Paul Ratner. Plus, a single track of “Don’t love me” (I never will) will be released by Diablito Records as part of a compilation of the best bands of Mexico, Puerto Rico, South America and Los Angeles; to be released in Mexico City and distributed by Warner Music.