Taste Bud G-Spot

Taste Bud G-Spot


We are connected like a Tri-Venn Diagram through communication and sustained by a fire that drives our passion for music.


Taste Bud G-Spot is a 3 piece reggae-rock jam band consisting of JT Milner, the percussionist, Jon Liggett on the guitar, and Taylor Sanders on the bass. Our influences range anywhere from the rock sounds of Led Zeppelin to the reggae grooves of Sublime and Rebelution. One thing that sets our band apart from other bands is that our diverse musical tastes come together to form one very unique sound. The story of our band begins in the glory days of high school, when every night destruction was in the air, and we lived as though the next day would not exist. Three years later, we still jam at least twice a week, and to this day we fully enjoy what we are doing. Taste Bud G-Spot is open and eager to play live any time we can.


Greatest Hits album (2007)
Live at Fatsos (2009)
Live in the Studio (2010)