Taste of Tea

Taste of Tea


Taste of Tea will break you into little pieces and put you back in a new order. The weird guitar band at dance parties and the weird dance band at rock shows, ToT deliver rich textures, bombast attack, magnificent chaos, hypnotic rhythms and modern psychedelia unlike any band you have ever seen.


The weird guitar band at dance parties and the weird dance band at rock shows, Taste of Tea will break you into little pieces and put you back in a new order. ToT deliver rich textures, bombast attack and magnificent chaos, creating sonic worlds that dodge genre trends and fuse hypnotic drum driven dance rhythms with a vast palate of psychedelic sounds.

Deeply rooted in the Japanese underground, guitarists Yusuke Akai and Daiji Igarashi play their instruments like control interfaces for space shuttles. Boldly original and sonically lush, this forward thinking guitar playing flags this band deep within the territory of modern psychadelia and finds it’s perfect counterpoint in the complex yet relentlessly driving rhythmic arrangements and live fire of the two drummers (Nik Mayer-Miller & Sam Mitchell) and bassist (Josef Muller).

In just one year, Taste of Tea have made ripples in the new music world, carved a unique voice in Brisbane and Melbourne and have developed significant audiences through a string of 70 or so acclaimed festival and club shows including: a collaborative performance with Damo Suzuki (veteran of the Krautrock scene and vocalist for 70’s psychedelic rock pioneers “Can”), Queensland Music Festival’s “Australian International Music Market”, Exodus Live, The SOOB Festival, Valley Fiesta, Island Times Festival, Earthdance, The Judith Wright COCA, BIGSOUND 2006, Starlight Full Moon Festival, The Zoo, The Columbian, The SolBar, 303, Bar Open, Rubys Lounge, Uberlingua and many others.

Taste of Tea are currently finishing work on their debut LP. A stand alone work, this record captures the spirit of improvisation in the group’s music whilst employing the full advantage of a studio environment to further push each composition’s textures, forms, dynamics and depth, bringing the group to new creative heights. Special pre-release samplers of the album are now available. The album will be released Nationally in Summer 2007/2008.


“In my opinion, Taste of Tea represents a rethinking of the nexus between psychedelic sound, post rock and experimental song form – rather than considering any of these in isolation, Taste of Tea enjoys a unison of approaches, where no one element outweighs or clouds the other. The result is a brash and focused sound that defies easy categorization.” Laurence English: Room 40

“Taste of Tea really inspired me upon first listen. Their music is that rare hybrid of sound that paints musical pictures and is genuinely original and exciting equally to listen to and/or watch in live performance.” Leanne de Souza: BUZZ Office

“Brisbane's Taste of Tea pursue a decidedly retro approach to psychedelic rock that combines the musical sophistication of 70's pioneers like Can or Emerson, Lake and Palmer with a driving sense of rhythm that sees them able to pack a dance-floor with every bit as much sweaty intensity as The Presets or Midnight Juggernauts. Featuring one of Brisbane's best rhythm sections, Taste of Tea are destined to become a favourite of the East Coast festival circuit.” Ben Eltham: Festival Director, Straight Out of Brisbane Festival

“Taste of Tea is an overwhelming, overpowering, singing and dancing funk-noise juggernaut that crushes everything in its path, leaving behind a wrecked landscape of twitching blissed-out heads and confused wobbling hips” Joel Stern: Half/Theory, OtherFilm, naturestrip

“Taste of Tea is one of the freshest outfits to ever emerge from the Brisbane scene. Blending a unique mixture of live dance and rock with rich and highly original guitar soundscapes…I could keep trying to put this band in a genre basket, but the truth is, they are shaping their own unique genre.” Stephen Foster: Association of Independent Record Labels (AIR)

“My show in Brisbane with sound carriers Taste of Tea went far well with many smiles, in that time and space our music was booming with energy and positivity. The sound carriers [Taste of Tea] create a space you can enjoy in that moment because it’s a living creation.” Damo Suzuki (Krautrock veteran, ex “Can”)

“What Santana would sound like now if he’d kept moving forward.” Sue Harding, Wagga Space Program


Debut LP Coming Summer 2007/2008!!!

Set List

No two Taste of Tea sets are ever the same. The band's compositions are departure points for structured improvisations and are assembled like separate movements of one musical experience. Known to play "one long song" for over an hour, ToT have the capacity to play multiple sets on a night but prefer the opportunity to showcase their compostitions in one long set.