Tatadios is an argentine instrumental quartet (bandoneon, guitar, bass and percussion) that mixes many aspects of Argentinean and Latin American
popular music with a personal actual and free approach. 


Tatadios is an instrumental quartet (bandoneon, guitar, bass and percussion) formed in 2007. Its first release "Crecida" was edited in 2009 with new compositions following the tradition of argentine and latin american popular music but with a free approach. It has the collaboration of the great argentinean folk singer Liliana Herrero in one of the tracks. The sound of bandoneon in Tatadios refers more to Dino Saluzzi than to Astor Piazzolla´s music.
Nowadays, the quartet is constantly playing in numerous stages, performing new compositions and developing its characteristic language. This new material will be part of the second release they are recording these days.
They had toured throughout Argentina, Uruguay and Brasil.
On October 2013 they will be for first time on tour in Europe.


Crecida - 2009
Tatadios en Vivo en Vinilo - 2011 (only online)
"Panal", the new album, will be released in June 2013