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"Valley Jams"

Posted September 12, 2007

Valley Jams: Tate Rooper

The Post-Crescent

Band name: Tate Rooper.

Hometown: Appleton.

Lineup: Jason Schaefer, vocals-guitar; Susan Davis, keyboards-vocals; Jim Van Hout, bass-vocals; Brett Spindler, drums-vocals.

First a little background: Tate Rooper was formed in the summer of 2000. Former schoolmates Schaefer and Spindler have been playing together since 1996. The band has had some lineup changes over the years, and Davis and Van Hout joined the band in November to round out the current lineup.

The band writes its own tunes but, as Schaefer says, “also enjoys eating, drinking and buying new gear,” so the group also mixes in cover songs from the ’80s and ’90s during its shows. Tate Rooper recorded an EP in 2005 titled “Out of the Blue,” which was recorded at Rock Garden Studio with Marc Golde. The EP is available from the band’s Web site, www.taterooper.com. The band plans on heading back to the recording studio in early 2008.

Tate Rooper enjoys performing and meeting new fans. “We might not be the best band you have ever heard, but might be the friendliest you have ever met,” Schaefer said. “We like hugs … especially Brett! Come give Brett a hug!”

You will like our band if you also like: Foo Fighters, Dave Matthews, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Police, Oasis.

If we could play with anyone, it would be: “Without a doubt, Rush!” Schaefer said.

Decide for yourself: Check out Tate Rooper at 9:30 p.m. Friday at Mill Creek Bar in downtown Appleton. Get more tour dates, band info and sound clips at www.taterooper.com or www.myspace.com/taterooper. - The Post Crescent

"The ultimate local mix tape: Volume tw"

Posted November 19, 2007

By Eric Klister
Of Weekend

Never let it be said that the Fox Valley music scene lacks diversity. While it's true that country rules when it comes to radio and the major concerts that come through our neck of the woods, on a street level, the scene has a lot to offer.

Throwback country. Funk. Garage rock. Hip-hop. Jazz that's accessible to the average listener. There are enough flavors to satisfy every taste.

As proof, we offer Volume 2 of our Fox Valley band playlist. Unlike that new Britney Spears album, there's not a dull track among the bunch.


By: Tate Rooper.,

Why it's cool: Something smells Phish-y, but not in that oh-boy-here-comes-another-20-minute-jam way. These guys could do that, but they choose to keep things restrained, which keeps the focus on the groove, which makes this song highly infectious.

Listen here: www.myspace.com/taterooper - The Post Crescent


Out of Blue (EP) 2005
The Best of Mill Creek Vol 1 (Compilation Album) 2004
Tate Rooper Live (EP) 2003



Tate Rooper is a 4-piece rock band from Appleton, WI. Originally formed in 2000, the band is well known in the area for their energetic live performances, which have entertained and dazzled many local live music fans over the years. Their style, which has evolved, is self-described as “rockin sexy feel good music”. The band attributes their sound to artists such as The Foo Fighters, Ben Folds, and Dave Matthews to name a few. In 2004 they were included on the compilation CD "The Best of Mill Creek Vol 1", which showcased the areas best bands such as Verona Grove, Cool Waters Band and Rob Anthony. In 2005 they recorded their debut EP, "Out of Blue" at Rock Garden Studio (2006 WAMI Studio of the year award winner) with recording engineer Marc Golde.

Here's what people have been saying...

"Tate Rooper is the kind of band who, especially if you've never seen them live or heard their recordings, give you a pleasant sense of deja vu. Their excellent musicianship and warm, personal song writing will draw you in. The genuine friendliness and accessibility of the members of the band will bring you back." Scott Saxe - Recording Engineer - Studio Six Recording

"Tate Rooper is a solid rock band with an infectious live show." Roxanne Steel - Program Director, Razor 94.7 fm

"I think this is one of the most unique sounding bands I have heard in a long time. Instrumentally complex songs yet the sound as a whole is smooth and very inviting. I think this band will be one of the next great things in rock and roll!" Eliot Shepard - Music Critic/TR fan