Tatiana Lina

Tatiana Lina


Melody and harmony! In my songs I look for both untill I "catch" them. The great texts (Shakespeare, Blake, Villon...)! I try to write my songs in a good company. The eternal beauty of the world folklore! I share my vocal arrangements with the audiences for 10 years now.


Born in Russia I live in Amsterdam since 1992.
I'm trained as a professional actress.
Next to my acting career I write music and songs for theatre productions, in which most of the time I'm also a singer.
The list of my musical projects:

RUSALKI – a capella quartet; vocal; vocal arrangements www.rusalkiquartet.nl
A collection of Russian and world folklore. Performed: Holland, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Germany; СD “Rusalki” 1997; CD “Singing the land” 2003;

RUSSIAN ROMANCES – solo program; vocal; guitar
A collection of Russian and Gypsy romances; Performed: Holland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Italy

WILL’S WILL – Chamber performance based on biography and writings of W. Shakespeare;
Original music for songs; vocal arrangements; Amsterdam 2006

BIRTH OF A POET & GYPSIES – Performance based on biography and poetry of A. Pushkin;
Original music for songs; vocal arrangements; Amsterdam 2005

DEAD SOULS – Musical performance based on «Dead Souls», by N. Gogol; Denmark 2005
Original music and songs; vocal arrangements

DECAMERON – Musical performance based on «Decameron», by G. Boccaccio; Denmark 2004
Original music and songs; vocal arrangements; sound tracks

CIRC DU SOLEIL – CD production: Saltimbanco & Allegria; vocal; Amsterdam 2000

NISIA – project of the Dutch Rock-and- Pop Institute; vocal; Amsterdam 2001

KERSTAVOND – musical; Original music and songs; vocal arrangements; vocal; Amsterdam 2000;

AL CAPONE JAZZ– musical show, based on jazz music; vocal; Moscow 1999

THE ORCHESTRA – musical, based on the 60th pop hits; vocal, vocal arrangements; Amsterdam 1992

UNCLE REMUS TALES – country-musical; vocal; St. Petersburg 1990

My greatest inspiration for a song is a great text. I "co-write" songs with poets like W. Shakespeare, F. Villon, A. Pushkin, W. Blake, G. Stein and others.

Everything that I've written untill now, was performed in theatre or in the concerts of an a-capella quartet Rusalki.

I hope to find out if my songs can have "a life of their own"


Little Fly

Written By: William Blake

Little Fly,
Thy summer's play
My thoughtless hand
Has brush'd away

Am I not
A fly like thee?
Or art not thou
A man like me?

For I dance,
And drink, & sing,
Till some blind hand
Shell brush my wing.

Yes, I am
A happy fly,
If I live
Or if I die

'tis you I kept in mind

Written By: Tatiana Lina

'tis you I kept in mind
When under blooming berries
I spoke of love to her,
And words were easy to find.
I sighed, I died, I cried,
I offered her to marry,
But all this time, my cherry,
'tis you I kept in mind!

'tis you I kept in mind
When gazing into heaven
I was embracing her,
Oblivious and blind.
And then she was my bride -
I'm sworn to her for ever...
I never ment it, never!
'tis you, I kept in mind.


CD "RUSALKI"; 1997; Russian folk songs in my original arrangements for four voices.
CD "SINGING THE LAND", 2004; World folklore in my original arrangements for four voices.