Tatiana Owens

Tatiana Owens

 New York City, New York, USA


Tatiana Owens

Tatiana Owens is a 2010 Alumnus of the Toledo High School for the Arts. Other alumni include Crystal Bowersox – 2009 American Idol Finalist. After graduation, Tatiana secured the part of Diana Morales in the Croswell Opera House’s Production of “A Chorus Line” in Adrian, Michigan. At the completion of her successful run in “A Chorus Line”, Tatiana moved to New York City. Upon her arrival in New York City, Tatiana was awarded a showcase opportunity at the IMTA event. Tatiana, who is also an IMTA alumni and three time winner of the IMTA vocal competition, showcased her song “Boy Watcher” to an audience of over 2,000. Her song, “Boy Watcher” was also featured in the MTV network show. “The Hills” and will also be included in the DVD release of the MTV show, “The City”. Since Tatiana’s New York City arrival, she has begun co-writing sessions with Jeff Franzel (N’Sync), Dan Ferrari (MTV, Oliver Wimmer), Robo Pop (Cherry Lane Music Publishing), Noel Cohen (Carlin America Music Publishing), performed in the Indie, Goth, Dance Rock Music Video “Twisted Lover” from the artist Levy Masters and was cast as the lead singer for a potential new Martha Stewart TV theme song working with the legendary Peter Fish (Broadway Video) and Timberland (Justin Timberlake). Tatiana was also the opening act for Omarion (B2K, You Got Served) in Farmingdale, NY.

In addition, Tatiana has written and/or recorded two other songs as potential TV theme songs – one of which is for a new MTV show all the while keeping her audition schedule that includes auditioning for Broadway, Off Broadway, Television and Film. As of October of 2010 Tatiana has worked with Dan Ferrari writing and producing songs for Stealth Entertainment/EMI Records as well as songwriting with Bill Grainer (Jennifer Hudson). Currently, Tatiana is studying with Richard Kline (Larry Dallas in Three’s Company) at the Actor’s Master Workshop in New York City. While Tatiana’s schedule is full her outlook for the future is even brighter. Tatiana has just recently secured a featured placement for her song “Pendulum” on the new MTV Network Show “Love and Hip-Hop’. This featured placement will include the use of the song within the show, an advertisement for the song within the show, a link to buy the song from MTV.com and a release of the song on itunes, Amazon and Rhapsody. Look for Tatiana’s debut release “Pendulum” in early 2011.


Rowdy For Ya

Written By: Akowundu C. Akalawu, Tatiana Owens

Verse 1
T shirt booty shorts
Id rock with you all day
Cause the way you make me feel
It makes me want to stay

Pre Chorus
I’m fine with leaving things behind so me and you can run away
Fine with thinking about you and nothing else it’s all okay
Fine with feeling like I do when you’re chilling next to me
Fine with the way you touch me and don’t care if nobody sees

You know our love
Is stronger than any other
No one can do what you do
And I’m rowdy for ya
I’m rowdy for ya

Verse 2
I love that you don’t care
What people might say about us
You would rather be
With me then ‘round the guys that’s love

Pre Chorus
It’s great that I can walk around without any make up on
Great that I know where you are I can trust you when you’re gone
Great that I get butterflies when you hold me
Great that everything’s alright cause you love me


I’m rowdy for ya
You can hear my heartbeat
Feels so crazy
With just one second of you not with me
I try to hide what goes
On in my mind but I
I drive myself insane
Cause I’m rowdy for you babe



Pendulum...released in December 2010
(as heard on VH1's Love & Hip Hop

Hazy...released in February 2011
(as heard on VH1's What Chilli Wants 2

Club Music...released in June 2011
(as heard on Showtime's The Real 'L' Word)

Waiting by the Window...released in June 2011
(as heard on Showtime's The Real 'L' Word