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Tatiana Owens

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band R&B Pop


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"Exclusive Interview with Tatiana Owens"

[Exclusive] Interview with Tatiana Owens
August 12, 2011
tags: Garo Unleash, Hazy, Pendulum, Tatiana Owens
by Kai

Tatiana Owens has the wow factor in her voice and live performances. Just check out her shows and be prepared to get blown away. This Ohio native has been rocking out every stage she steps foot on and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, Tatiana has been busy promoting her latest single “Pendulum” nationwide, along with working on her debut album with the assistance of some big names in the industry so be on the look out for that and support her when it drops.
Ms. Owens is well on her way so catch up while you still can. Listen to her hot song below and read the interview for more:
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EY: Tell us about Tatiana. Where are you from originally and when did you realize you wanted to be an entertainer?
TO: Well, I have loved to sing since the age of 3. Music has always been apart of my life and I realized I wanted to be an entertainer for the rest of my life when I went into Junior High at Toledo School for the Arts. I am originally from Toledo, OH and I moved to New York after graduating from the arts school.

EY: Describe your musical style and influences.
TO: My musical style is Urban pop. It’s a combination of pop and R & B. I love almost every style of music. My favorite artist is Alicia Keys but I have plenty of musical influences.

“I really feel what I am singing.”

EY: What do you think you have to offer that makes your music different from what’s currently out there?
TO: I believe people can relate to my lyrics. I try to deliver a message in every song. I feel thatmy music has a catchy vibe to it and I think that different races love it no matter what style of music they like.

EY: Your stage credits range from “Rent”, “Annie”, and as Dorothy in “The Wiz”. How has performing in those musicals helped you evolve as an artist?
TO: Learning the art of dance, acting, and singing makes performing on stage more entertaining to watch. It also helped me create stronger more well defined characters and emotion in my voice for recordings.
EY: Tell us about your single “Pendulum”, which is garnering so much interest. What inspired the song it sounds so personal?
TO: My writers wrote the song for me. Then, when I heard the concept, I found how it related to me so much more than I thought it would. I really took the song and everything it meant and put all of my all into the recording of the song. When I heard the first mix, I realized it was going to be one of my favorite songs that I have worked on.

EY: What’s the concept behind your debut album and when can we expect its release?
TO: Its about really getting to know me as a person. A lot of my writing or songs I pick up are phases or situations in my life. Its hard to say when the release is going to be. Hopefully soon.

EY: Your live shows are described as emotional and powerful. What is it that enables you to put so much passion into your singing and live performances?
TO: I really feel what I am singing. I also want the audience to take something from my performance that they can relate to their life.

“I love every second of performing and the process of artist development .”

EY: Having won the International Modeling and Talent Association competition three times, how do you feel about such an accomplishment?
TO: It’s a great honor. They really have helped me to advance my career. Without them, I wouldn’t be with the current management team.

EY: And how do you maintain that focus without getting fazed?
TO: I have a true passion for what I do so its hard for me to get side tracked. I love every second of performing and the process of artist development. So, I’m constantly learning new things and that keeps me entertained.
EY: You’ll be apart of the reality show “Garo Unleashed” on The Sundance Channel this summer. Can you tell us a little about the show and your role in it?
TO: It’s a fashion reality show about transforming. I played myself and Garo took my style and made a whole new image for me. He got to know me as a person first and then he reached into my ethnic background and mixed the two. Because I perform, he created an outfit for my showcase in New York.

EY: What other plans do you have in the works?
TO: I’m currently working on some co-writes with well-known writers in the industry. Hopefully I can start a tour so my fans can see what I love to do the most, perform live.

EY: Please leave a message for your fans.
TO: I love every single one of you for keeping me going! Never stop doing what you want to do!

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"VH1's What Chilli Wants: Tatiana Owens Listen to Tatiana Owens' "Hazyt" as heard on VH1's 'What Chilli Wants' airing February 13 at 9/8c only on VH1."

Listen to Tatiana Owens' "Hazy" as heard on VH1's 'What Chilli Wants' airing February 13 at 9/8c only on VH1. - VH1


Pendulum...released in December 2010
(as heard on VH1's Love & Hip Hop

Hazy...released in February 2011
(as heard on VH1's What Chilli Wants 2

Club Music...released in June 2011
(as heard on Showtime's The Real 'L' Word)

Waiting by the Window...released in June 2011
(as heard on Showtime's The Real 'L' Word



Tatiana Owens

Tatiana Owens is a 2010 Alumnus of the Toledo High School for the Arts. Other alumni include Crystal Bowersox – 2009 American Idol Finalist. After graduation, Tatiana secured the part of Diana Morales in the Croswell Opera House’s Production of “A Chorus Line” in Adrian, Michigan. At the completion of her successful run in “A Chorus Line”, Tatiana moved to New York City. Upon her arrival in New York City, Tatiana was awarded a showcase opportunity at the IMTA event. Tatiana, who is also an IMTA alumni and three time winner of the IMTA vocal competition, showcased her song “Boy Watcher” to an audience of over 2,000. Her song, “Boy Watcher” was also featured in the MTV network show. “The Hills” and will also be included in the DVD release of the MTV show, “The City”. Since Tatiana’s New York City arrival, she has begun co-writing sessions with Jeff Franzel (N’Sync), Dan Ferrari (MTV, Oliver Wimmer), Robo Pop (Cherry Lane Music Publishing), Noel Cohen (Carlin America Music Publishing), performed in the Indie, Goth, Dance Rock Music Video “Twisted Lover” from the artist Levy Masters and was cast as the lead singer for a potential new Martha Stewart TV theme song working with the legendary Peter Fish (Broadway Video) and Timberland (Justin Timberlake). Tatiana was also the opening act for Omarion (B2K, You Got Served) in Farmingdale, NY.

In addition, Tatiana has written and/or recorded two other songs as potential TV theme songs – one of which is for a new MTV show all the while keeping her audition schedule that includes auditioning for Broadway, Off Broadway, Television and Film. As of October of 2010 Tatiana has worked with Dan Ferrari writing and producing songs for Stealth Entertainment/EMI Records as well as songwriting with Bill Grainer (Jennifer Hudson). Currently, Tatiana is studying with Richard Kline (Larry Dallas in Three’s Company) at the Actor’s Master Workshop in New York City. While Tatiana’s schedule is full her outlook for the future is even brighter. Tatiana has just recently secured a featured placement for her song “Pendulum” on the new MTV Network Show “Love and Hip-Hop’. This featured placement will include the use of the song within the show, an advertisement for the song within the show, a link to buy the song from MTV.com and a release of the song on itunes, Amazon and Rhapsody. Look for Tatiana’s debut release “Pendulum” in early 2011.