Olds, Alberta, CAN

Tattered is a four piece group that delivers fast paced, hookey, soulful and reflective rock and roll! A dash of metal here, a sprinkle of blues there. Influenced by everyone from Avenged Sevenfold to Audioslave to 18 visions and many more!


They say the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts. Nowhere is this truer than with the Canadian hard rock band Tattered. Hailing from the little town of Olds Alberta, Tattered is a 4 piece band with a huge sound!

Brad is the frontman, primary songwriter and the Band's originator. Apart from reflective and rhythmic lyrics, Brad delivers a pheonominal vocal performance both live and in the studio.

Clayton slams the skins with everything he's got whether the band is rehearsing, playig a show, recording or just goofing around! His energy on stage is palpable and he's always ready to play!

Slamming the thick strings is Graham. He's got a way with the bass that's instantly recognizeable and he has a formidable stage presence.

The newest member of the band is Tim, the guitar player. He's hard to miss anywhere, but when he's making nickle and steel scream, it's a sight to behold!

Since Tattered's birth in 2009, it has gained an ever growing local following. Dedicated fans never hesitate to pack the house wherever Tattered is appearing.
The dedication of this local following along with the support of over 60 radio stations around the globe prompted Tattered to release their self-titled EP six months ago. Recorded at Sympul studios in Calgary, Tattered EP paints a very clear picture of the musicianship and passionate performance that makes Tattered Tattered!

Tattered is currently back in the studio recording a new single to be released in the summer of 2012.

Set List

Order and covers vary depending on venue and audience.

Lies - Tattered
Secret - Tattered
Pray - Tattered
Replaceable - Tattered
Tidal Wave - Tattered
Waging War - Tattered

Blow - Atreyu
Bleed Black - AFI
Show me How to Live - Audioslave
Infected - Rides Again
Torches - Rise Againt
Still Counting - Volbeat
Lay Down - Priestess
Victim - 18 Visions