Tattie Jam

Tattie Jam

 Helensburgh, Scotland, GBR

Rising stars Tattie Jam deliver Scottish music with a twist. Intensely traditional yet highly contemporary and original; soulful and funky, haunting and upbeat, with a surprisingly big sound. Harmonised vocals, cello, fretted instruments and percussion.


Tattie Jam offer a distinctive brew of songs, from dark ballads and protest songs to off-the wall humour, and tunes ranging from slow airs to driving Strathspeys and kinetic jigs and reels. Much of the duo's material's given a playful or funky contemporary twist, contrasting with with the odd starker a capella song or unaccompanied tune.

A diverse yet harmonious blend of reinterpreted songs and tunes are plundered from the hugely rich Scottish tradition, supplemented by songs and tunes written by Ruaridh. Thoughtful, creative arrangements and the fact both musicians harmonise vocals whilst playing elements of lead, rhythm and percussion lend Tattie Jam a sound that's quite unmistakable, and consistently surprises new listeners with its size and scope.


JAM, Ruansey Records 2009

Set List

A combination of traditional and self penned songs. All material is Scottish. A mix of songs and instrumental numbers, usually with a bias towards songs but this can be adapted to suit the circumstances.

Standard set is 2 x 45 but we can vary that to suit.