Tattooed Millionaires are a rock'n'roll band with a message of freedom. On stage, they play every note like their lives depend on it, electrifying crowds both young and old. They can be closely compared to the MC5.



"Guitar riffs that will forever be remembered and will for sure be classics in the future." – Rock and a Hard Place

"The Tattooed Millionaires are the rock and roll bad boys that rock and roll has needed for a very long time!" - SRock

Sheer drive and commitment, coupled with their very loyal and quickly rising fan base has carried the band's name around the globe. Touring in support of 2 full length CDs, released on the band's own Sex Sells Records label, has led Tattooed Millionaires to audiences in 9 countries and nearly 30 US states. This relentless push has brought the band radio airplay, which is quickly increasing at stations around the world. Their notoriety has earned them appearences at such events as "The Days of the Dead Festival" in Torino, Italy and most recently the "Grand Opening of Starlight Tattoo" at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tattooed Millionaires have a large social network on the internet, racking up over 1 million song plays on Myspace. A viral phenomenon has taken hold, ever increasing their brand recognition. Touring achievements, a devoted grassroots fan base and a solid internet presence have allowed the band to establish a successful, international street team.

Their music has found its way onto the big screen, including 2006's film festival hit, "Little Athens", Director Joe Monk's "The Bunker", and "Flowers On The Razorwire" by famed horror writer and director Hart Fisher. The band has scored 2 AVN 'Best Movie Soundtrack' nominations for 2005's "Live and Loaded in Switzerland" and 2007's Tattooed & Tight.

Johnny Jetson originally blasted onto the scene with his former band, the Space Age Playboys, featuring Warrior Soul front man Kory Clarke. He has written and recorded with such notable artists as Snoop Dogg, Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Chris Verrna (Nine Inch Nails), and Chris Holmes (WASP).

In addition to their own music videos, the band has also appeared in featured roles of numerous other music videos. Some of those artists include Hinder, Britney Murphy w/ Paul Oakenfold, and HIM.


Bad Boys & Astronauts

Written By: Johnny Jetson

Your're lookin' good to me
I just can't believe
I'm in love with you
Good Girls
Up and down on microdots
These days I'm confused
I must me yesterdays news
I have had enough
I just can't seem to live up
All these things to you
All my love like lovers do

You're lookin' out for me
Give me what I need
I'm the one for you
Bad Boys Astronauts
Coming down from Microsoft
Baby's black and blue
Glowin' 'neath the vacuum tubes
I have had enough
I just can't seem to live up
All these things to you
All my love like lovers do


Full length LP's

"The Band with No Fear" - '06
"Armed and Hammered" - '07

Both albums are downloadable on iTunes

Radio play

Hong Kong Blonde
Laid in the USA
Star Spangled Hammer
Bad Boys & Astronauts

Set List

Sets are usually 45 - 75 minutes in length

Teenage Love
Laid In The USA
Hong Kong Blonde
Not My Girl
Gimme Good Head
Do You Feel Alright
Bad Boys & Astronauts
Dr. No
Papa Didn't Raise No Soldier
I Just Want The Drugs
Helter Skelter
Dance To The Sound
French Kissing
Bang A Gong
Show Some Respect
Kick Out The Jams
Star Spangled Hammer

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