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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Ethnic electronic - TaTvA Kundali"

The band on doing the festival circuit, the evolution of Indian music and ethnic electronic...

What exactly is ethnic electronic?
Ethnic electronic is an independent genre that represents the neo-Indian electronic movement in this country. We came up with this word as we blend ethnic Indian folk influences with neo-electronica sounds. We specialise in incorporating the local folk musicians of India and using their folk sounds in our music.

How evolved is the Indian music scene?
The evolution is happening, we can feel it. The time is coming near and soon it shall boom! Har har mahadeva!

How different is your music from the rest of the stuff out there?
We are nobody to judge another artist’s music. To each his own. Every artist’s music is his/her baby. They all go through sleepless nights to produce their art and they are all proud of their art. So are we. We have worked hard for this and have always believed in it and shall continue to do so. We are not bigger than the music. However, having said that, we do believe that ours is quite a unique sound and represents the folk art and culture of our country.

Do you look up to anyone in particular when it comes to the kind of music you make?
We have been influenced by so many artists over the past few years. Frou Frou, Baba Maal, Oliver Shanti, Biospehere, Sepultura, Slayer, Bob Dylan, Massive Attack, Bjork, Abida Parveen, Pink Floyd and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan to name just a few! - FHm India!

"Pulse f the Universe"

TaTvA Kundalini - referred to as the pulse of the Universe.... - Dna India

"Rolling Stone Magazine -TaTvA"

TatvA and its latest release Swaraaj reviewed by the Rolling Stone Magazne India! - Rolling Stone


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The lights are buzzing- on and off- they are spinning a web-and you are slowly being sucked in. Certain bonds never break; the volume is cranking up- the drone is hitting your ears and resonating. Sometimes music creates a union . For Aditya Anand , the connection was instinctive. Music took him like a surge of snapping electric vibrations and flooded and overflowed - the energies froze and fused and froze and transpired a dynamic and electrifying crusade. It's all a rebound; fiery like a ball of fire’

Tatva-Kundalini (Aditya Anand) is a India's Mumbai-based premiere electronica outfit- well a lot more than being a musician. The moments in his life have linked together; the music sometimes explores deeper meanings of life but treads at the fringes of being urban and loaded with funk.

Tatva-Kundalini’s basis of being alive and kicking has been to spearhead the radical. Breaking free from the shackles of the conventional forms, the act has crafted a unique movement. Uniting artistes from all around the globe, the producer digs eclectic genres of music from far and wide. Besides using laptops, guitars, bass and percussions, what makes him special is the use of global ethnic instruments like the dranyen, mandolin, nagadas, djembes, tabla, morchang, gopichand, bells and gongs.

Tatva- Kundalini defines freedom of expression in the global sense of the word, also providing a platform to young and upcoming artistes. Peppered with international sensibilities, the drive is to streamline the vast ethnic electronic uprising bubbling at various parts in the country. His musical yaatra is flowing….

His first and second music videos, "Apne Piya Ke" and "Agan Aao Balma" respectively, for the same record were on air on all of the major TV Channels. The Live on-stage debut was at Internationally Acclaimed Night Club called Elevate (Voted as the top 35 club of the World) in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Tapping unheard sounds and fusing various cultures, their nights are ethereal. Tatva-kundalini also had three nominations at last year's Etc music awards for their previous release, Punjab Folk Lounge. Dig hs experimental, hybrid of traditional ethno-electronic infusions and the progressive energy that is laden with layers of musical genres.

Having already played some of the best festivals and Venues in India Like the Great indian Electronica,Jaipur Virasat Festival, Club Elevate alongside some great artists like Osmani Soundz and Nasha Experience,MIdiVal Punditz....TaTvA-Kundalini is gearing up to play the next festival season abroad and bigger and better venues....

TaTvA-Kundalini Also runs a record label by the name of Chill Om Records.