Taunia Soderquist

Taunia Soderquist


What's not to love about a big, blonde diva that sings about her gay boyfriends?!? Taunia Soderquist is a jazz / cabaret vocalist that uses her powerhouse vocals to convey her love of jazz, comedy, and rowdy antics! Website: divataunia.com Email: divataunia@gmail.com Cell: 978.270.9936


Taunia Soderquist has been performing in the Boston music scene for over 18 years. Her recent hit "Tall, Dark, & Handsome" has been causing a stir on the radio and in live performances, confirming her status as a gay icon and Diva!

Taunia embraces her own world and that's shown in her writing: "Tall, Dark, & Handsome" describes her trouble finding a straight man in her gay world. "Supercar" describes her trusty little Hyundai, and "Do You Trust Me" is an ode to an old boyfriend who need too much too quick.

Currently writing her own musical-comedy chock full of originals, Taunia can be found