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"TaVeren Single Release"

“It isn’t too uncommon in the world of country music to find a band that is made up of three siblings, but how about finding one from South Africa? Look no further than TaVeren for that
band; made up on three brothers that found their way to Tennessee via South Africa and Zaire. Not your typical areas to find country music, but on their debut single, “Laugh A Little,” you will be quite surprised to hear what the Lubbe brothers bring to the table. As their bio states you may find yourself hearing influences that range from Rascal Flatts to Keith Urban to Nicklecreek in their music, but they do make it their own style and sound and will quickly draw you in. If it’s not the smoothly delivered lead vocals or the radio friendly sounds coming from the guitars that draw you into this song, it will be the inspirational, uplifting lyrics that will do the trick. With a nod of influence towards their faith, Taveren will capture your attention and in sharing their story through their music will most likely inspire a lot of people if “Laugh A Little” is any indication of what’s to come.” - Gone Country Magazine

"Live Performance/Laugh A Little Review"

“We’ve had the best response from TaVeren of anyone in, I’d say, the last 5 years; I’m talkin’ call after call. The entire staff loved them and even our night guys came in to see them this morning- -& if you can get night guys here in the morning that’s saying something. We have them in medium rotation right now and I’m pushing them into high. We would love to have them back anytime, especially for a listener appreciation show. We would rather have them over anyone, hands down; we will be happy to help them any way we possibly can.” - Chuck Boone [Managing Director], KKDY

"Radio Tour/Laugh A Little Review"

“I think the industry is hungry for those kinds of harmonies, and there is just so much personality there. They weren’t hung up on the business at hand; they were relaxed & very colorful. Yet, when
it was time to sing, they just stood up & did it. In this business, it’s hard to find an act that easy. We had a lot of fun; it was hard to let them go.” - Julie Cooke, WWYN

"Radio Tour/Laugh A Little Review #2"

“I see a lot of acts, but not of this caliber. They are so nice, and their harmonies remind me a lot of the BeeGees. I encourage everyone to pick up their tune and give it a listen. ” - Bob Logan, KHLS

"Radio Tour/Laugh A Little Review #3"

“It was great...The spirit of the three was incredible. My favorite part was not when they sang their single, but they asked one of our sales ladies what her favorite song was. She replied with a
pop song that was off the wall, and all three of them just started in and nailed it. Vocals and harmonies are gonna be hard to match. Can’t wait to hear more from them. Thanks again!” - Matt, KYLS/KPWB

"Radio Tour/Laugh A Little Review #4"

“I enjoyed TaVeren’s visit so much! They have wonderful, tight harmonies and magnetic personalities. It was a delightful interview, and I actually really like their music.” - Scott Kubala, KTJJ

"Radio Tour/Laugh A Little Review #5"

“I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I loved the harmonies; they are some of the best out there. I told them I believe they can have the success of Rascal Flatts. With the great energy and fun personalities, they are an incredibly tangible act. We hope they come back and see us!!” - DT Brown, WMIX

"Radio Tour/Laugh A Little Review #6"

“We had a lot of fun. They are a great personality with an interesting story. If personality means anything, they will definitely make it!” - JT Gerlt, KTKS

"Radio Tour/Laugh A Little Review #7"

“Oh, they are awesome! Awesome’s not even the word for it. They have so much heart and soul and I know they will go many, MANY places.” - Cindy Nickerson, KMOE/KMAM

"Radio Tour/Laugh A Little Review #8"

“Too bad they have no personality and no talent- hahaha! No, seriously, they were a blast & we
got such a huge listener response from their live performance! They WILL succeed; they will make a
name for themselves, no doubt." - Bob Burk, Asst. PD, KKOW


-Top 100 Radio Single - "Laugh A Little"

-CMA 2008 Artist to Watch

-TaVeren Album - Summer 2008 Release Upcoming

-"Laugh A Little" reached #88 on Music Row charting nationwide with over 2000 plays weekly.

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The word TaVeren (pronounced Tah-VEER-an) can be translated as those who bend destiny around themselves. This is a concept that is certainly embraced by brothers Carl, Justin and Jerome Lubbe of TaVeren. All self-taught musicians, Carl plays guitar, Justin keyboards and guitar, and Jerome bass. Without exception TaVeren’s musical style is uniquely their own, yet the cognizant listener will hear the infusion of sounds from Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Nickel Creek and Alison Krauss. Their debut single "Laugh A Little" reached #88 on Music Row charting nationwide with over 2000 plays weekly. They are also one of CMA's Artists to Watch in 2008. TaVeren’s music reflects the heart, soul and emotion of mainstream America and expresses the laughter and the tears—the basics of everyday life—of every man and every woman.