Tavie  Basarich

Tavie Basarich

 Winter Park, Florida, USA

Acoustic Pop like John Mayer meets Dashboard Confessional... with a twist.


While I was an unrecognizable embryo still forming in my mother’s womb, she surrounded her belly with classical music. To this day, she enacts her bragging rights for my songs. So partly because of fetal brainwashing, I sing, play acoustic guitar and occasionally beat-box.

I play wherever two of the five senses can be indulged. Musically, I am a mix of earthy acoustic guitar-pop, head-bobbing beats and catchy melodies. Lyrically, I seek truth by revealing personal vulnerabilities. I am also constantly trying to wake up the often-napping voice of inspiration.



Girl:1 Boy:0

Written By: Tavie Basarich

Here we are
Face to face
There you go
Always walking away

Atta girl, show me what you’re made of
When you’re mad you’re cute
I don’t mind, I don’t really mind it
Cause I fell for you
Atta girl show me what you’re made of
Tell me what did I do cause its always the same
Girl: 1, Boy: 0

Here we are
And there you go
Feel free to curse at me
And take the final word
It only makes me want you more


I don’t want to go
Breathe again
I don’t understand why I’m here
I don’t want to go
But here we go again



"Love Is A Choice" is my debut EP which was released February 22, 2011.