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Los Angeles, California, United States | MAJOR | AFTRA

Los Angeles, California, United States | MAJOR | AFTRA
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From the ground up Tavion has emerged as an independent record label CEO, producer, singer/songwriter, and performer. His "Relentless" release was released in 2004 which sold 44,000 units at retail, internet, and concert events. His newly anticipated release "Relentless 2-The Sequel" is a double CD containing 14 hip/hop club tracks on "The Club" disc and 10 R & B ballads on "The Rain" disc. Prior to the year 2004 Tavion released the CD "Listen" 2001, (18,000 units sold) and the CD "Romance"1999 (10,000 units sold). TG3 ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, LLC., is based in Los Angeles, CA. The label will be signing R & B, Gospel, and Hip/Hop acts in 2007. Tavion's "Relentless III-The Final Installment" is scheduled for release in September of 2006 and his "Vintage" release is scheduled for release in early 2007. Tavion has signed on to do in stores at various Tower Records, Rasputin Records, Best Buy, and Foot Actions across the nation. TG3 ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, LLC has recently negotiated an agreement with One Life Marketing and Promotions of Los Angeles, CA, to handle all of it's artists advertising and publicity. Tavion's "Relentless 2-The Sequel" tour will begin in May and end in October of 2006. Check the TG3 ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, LLC., website for locations, times and tickets. Look for Tavion's televised "Relentless 2- The Sequel" nationally aired promo to begin airing in early 2006. - ROOTS MAGAZINE


A four star status **** is deserved for TG3 ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, LLC.'s solo artist Tavion's "Relentless 2-The Sequel" release. It contains 14 dance tracks on the disc entitled "The Club" and 10 ballads on the disc entitled "The Rain". Tavion is a Bay Area native who has proven time and time again that he is a force in the independent music society. With back orders from Tower Records and other retail outlets Tavion is sure to become a household name in the near future. Catch Tavion on tour in 2006. Check website www.sonicbids.com/tavion. - BAY AREA MUSIC JOURNAL


Sonoma, CA. October 15, 2005. Bay Area music lovers and Tavion fans be on the lookout for TG3 ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, LLC.,'s solo artist Tavion's double cd, "Relentless 2-The Sequel". It's filled with music for everyone to enjoy. I asked Tavion what excites him most about his upcoming release and he quotes, "My versatility, I'm excited to be back and ready to see my fans again". Check the website, www.sonicbids.com/tavion for tour dates. "Relentless 2-The Sequel" receives ***** stars from me.



San Jose, CA. Nov 22, 2005, Article By Kimberly Johnson; CD Review Dept. Rate: 5 stars

After reviewing Tavion's upcoming release "Relentless 2-The Sequel" I am a new fan of his music. Tavion's range of versatility is unlimited. His self produced double CD is a sure success in the 2006 year. There is no fast forwarding on either of the CD's. After a long awaited and difficult time I finally caught up with Tavion for an interview. Here's an insert from the interview for his fans. KJ: Tavion you are a very busy man and extremely difficult to catch up with. When do you rest?

Tavion: After 2am I take a nap for 4 hours then I'm up and working again.

KJ: I love the new CD. What were some of your inspirations when you were producing it?

Tavion: Couples, Emotions, Life, Fun, etc.

KJ: What can we expect from Tavion in the future?

Tavion: "Relentless III-The Final Installment is due for release in September of 2006, "Vintage" is due for release in early 2007 and my "Relentless 2-The Sequel" tour will begin May and end in October of 2006. Also my televised promo will be airing soon as well as my video.

KJ: I know you have to go, I hear your phones ringing like crazy, so what do you want your fans to know?

Tavion: I love them and I appreciate them so much. Stay with me and I'll stay with them.

By: Kimberly Johnson - SOUTH BAY'S FINEST HOUR


Dec. 10, 2005, Jim Parker; Bay Area Music Dept.

At this week's end I received a sneak preview of the Bay Area's own Tavion. He is CEO of TG3 ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, LLC., and it's leading unit seller. After careful review of "Relentless 2 The Sequel" I rate this production with a 4 1/2 star rating. I'm awaiting eagerly to see one of Tavion's 2006 performances. Judging by the music it should be a surprising show. I had the pleasure of meeting Tavion in 2004 at his 330 Rich Street Club performance in San Francisco. Our brief encounter was a learning experience for me as I watched him retain so much focus and control with every detail of preparation prior to his show and then performing with the same focus was just incredible to witness. After talking with Tavion I learned many of his unknown talents such as law. He has a JD from Southern California University which he earned in 2003. I couldn't believe that he had the time to attend law school and maintain a music career as a CEO and performer, so I did some verification at the University and thus behold the information from the administrations office has Tavion listed as a JD graduate. I'm extremely impressed of this Bay Area native and I'm looking forward to watching the success of his newly anticipated sequel to "Relentless".

By: Jim Parker - SF WEEKLY


July 18, 2005
Article by Nancy Fillman
Florida Indie Journal.

Following a stunning performance at the Club Fire, I arranged a brief meeting with Bay Area, CA native Tavion at his Holiday Inn room. I discovered that Tavion is the heart and soul of his entire music career. He is the CEO of his record company, (TG3 ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, LLC.) and he is hands on with every last detail not to mention he produced and performed everything his CD's has to offer. His fans are eagerly awaiting his double CD entitled "Relentless 2 The Sequel". I had the opportunity to receive a copy of the CD and after reviewing it I was blown away. I enjoyed every song on the CD. I rate "Relentless 2 The Sequel" with five stars. I look forward to Tavion's next visit to the Florida. I'm sure his fans will be pleased also.

Article By: Nancy Fillman - Nancy Fillman


NATIONAL ONLINE RETAIL OUTLETS: tg3musicandmoney.com (under construction), myspace.com/taviontg3,

2011-2013 "TAVION'S REBIRTH REVIEW TOUR" check calendar above for dates TBA......

1st Release "ROMANCE"
2nd Release "LISTEN"
3rd Release "RELENTLESS"
4th Release "RELENTLESS 2" (DOUBLE CD)
6th Release "CLUB BANGAS"
7th Release "DJ'S IN DA CLUB" (VOL 1.)
8th Release "DJ'S IN DA CLUB" (VOL 2.)
10th Release "VINTAGE" (TRIPLE CD)
11th Release "AMAZING"

www.tg3music&money.com (under construction)for TAVION releases.

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All Rasputin Music locations; Berkeley, San Lorenzo, Newark, Campbell, San Francisco, Vallejo and Pleasant Hill. Dimple Records in Sacramento. Streetlight Records in San Francisco.

"Relentless III" "The Final Installment" scheduled for release November 2013.

"Vintage" Triple cd is scheduled for release March 2014.


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Tavion is a native of Oakland, California. Born July 31, a Leo. Tavion has been performing and playing music since the age of 5. Tavion is a self trained singer/songwriter and pianist and working steadily at adding an acoustic guitar to his talents. Tavion has performed with such national acts as EnVogue, Too Short, Toni, Tone, Tony and many more. Tavion is a member of ASCAP. To date Tavion has produced, written, and arranged four full length CD's. Tavion is the CEO of TG3 ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, LLC., based in Los Angeles, California. TG3 ENTERTAINMENT GROUP,LLC., also has locations in Oregon, Nevada, Washington, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Georgia an Alabama. TG3 ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, LLC will be expanding in the year of 2012 by signing new R & B, Hip Hop, Pop, and Gospel acts. Tavion's "Relentless" release was performed at various Tower Records and Rasputin Records stores throughout the West Coast and selected states nationwide. Tavion is a solo artist who has recorded three previous albums including the newly anticipated upcoming double cd release entitled "Relentless 2" "The Sequel". TG3 ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, LLC has recently negotiated agreement with F.Y.E. for distribution. Tavion's been performing for 18 years. He produces, writes, and arranges all of his songs. What sets Tavion aside from most artists is that he is the soul provider of every element of his music. Tavion wants all of his female fans to know that he appreciates all of the mail he's been receiving as well as the pictures. FYI, if you ever plan on attending a TAVION show don't forget white roses and red clothing puts you in a different category in his mind. Just a little note for you females. To order TG3 ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, LLC. products or any of TAVION products log onto SELECTED NATIONAL RETAIL OUTLETS:
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