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"Tavis Astounds at Quiksilver show"

"The combination of his earnest voice and spare guitar playing drew a lot of people into his lyric storytelling. People put down their drinks and paused their conversations to listen to this commanding performance. Tavis is a gentle man with a big heart and a strong vision - exactly the kind of guy we're happy to have involved with the QSE Mission.” – Quiksilver Edition Mission - Quiksilver Edition Mission

"Big Wednesday Huntington Beach"

"For the two years Tavis has played at Duke's Huntington Beach annual fundraiser "Big Wednesday" he has always been a major component towards the events success. His kind, humble and positive energy as a person exudes in his music which sets the tone of the entire evening." - Sarah Long former Duke's Huntington Beach Marketing/Promotions Manager, current Director of SCL Event Management Co. - Duke's Huntington Beach

"Amazing Performer"

“We had the pleasure of having Tavis play at Liquid Nation Ball in 2007 and Waterman’s Ball in 2008. These events are the surf industry’s annual fundraisers for humanitarian and environmental causes that include food, dancing and unique live auctions. The vibe of these events is key because of the attendees and the oceanfront settings. Tavis’ music and stage presence provided the perfect backdrop for Liquid Nation Ball and Waterman’s Ball– soulful, thoughtful, melodic and moody. His songs are very deep in meaning and his guitar skills complex, yet his performance was so easy to enjoy. An amazing performer!”

Sean Smith, Executive Director
Surf Industry Manufacterers Association (SIMA) - SIMA Surf Event

"Surfing Songwriter"

SIBLINGS AND SURF: This Friday, July 21, Legends Bar and Lounge will amp up its acoustics to present four rounds of live music, including the sibling duo called Grace Harbor (which features Nate and Liz Williams), Adjoa, an acoustic set from Ryan Strassburg, and surfing songwriter Tavis Bohlinger. Bohlinger, whose sounds are inspired by Jack Johnson and Coldplay, said his music tells the story of a romantic encounter. “[It’s like] when somebody you have a crush on walks in the same crowded room, and your heart jumps a beat and your hands get clammy, your mouth gets dry,” he explained.  — Megan Snedden - Santa Barbara Independent

"News Bites"

Acoustic/folk musician Tavis Bohlinger of San Clemente has released his sevensong
debut CD , The Acoustic Sessions EP. Tavis is considered a “wordsmith” and
“modern-day psalmist” by his contemporaries, heralded for his distinct style of
guitar playing. His songs portray him as a master storyteller.
Only a limited amount of The Acoustic Sessions copies will be released, visit
www.tavismusic.com. Tavis has already started pre-production on a new, fulllength
album; he plans to make his debut full-length album available before
Christmas this year. Tavis has a few shows coming up in Los Angeles and Orange
County; check www.myspace.com/tavis for more info. - San Clemente Times

"EP Press Release"


Master Storyteller. Wordsmith. Or simply, Tavis Bohlinger. The 31-year old Los Angeles based singer-songwriter has journeyed long to be where he is. And has it been worth it? Just one listen to his self-titled debut EP “Tavis Bohlinger� comes as a resounding reaffirmation.
A quality of sparse, bone-chilling storytelling marks his lyrics, delivered through his earnest, soulful voice. He gives life to the experiences that have made him who he is, from the track “God is Enough�, a song that describes him grasping for hope through the travails of a rushed marriage, to “The Tempest�, an expose of the hypocrisy that pervades every aspect of modern society. In all but two tracks, only his haunting voice and distinct finger-picking guitar playing are employed, a perfect platform to beautifully showcase his lyrical and musical abstract simplicity.
On Wednesday, April 8th, 2009 at 10pm, the famous coffee-shop turned singer/songwriter haven “Hotel Café� will come to life with the sounds that are only Tavis Bohlinger’s. Visit www.hotelcafe.com and click on the Calendar link to view this event, or at www.myspace.com/tavis, where you can also get a sneak preview. Copies of his debut EP can be ordered online at his official website, www.tavisbohlinger.com. After all, we wouldn’t want to keep this piece of heaven all to ourselves…

- Grace Singh Smith
- Grace Singh Smith


"Tavis Bohlinger, EP" - August 2008
Untitled Debut Album - Fall 2009



"Acoustic Act of the Year" - LA Music Awards 2006
"Fan Favorite" - SoCal Music Awards 2007

"...soulful, thoughtful, melodic and moody. His songs are very deep with meaning and his guitar skills complex.. Amazing performer!� - Sean Smith, Executive Director, SIMA

"His kind, humble and positive energy...exudes in his music which sets the tone of the entire evening." - Sarah Long, Director of SCL Event Management Co.

Having played hundreds of shows worldwide the past few years, sharing the stage with such greats as Colbie Caillat, National Product, Shaun Cromwell, Derek Webb, Tristan Prettyman to name a few, and with songs placed on many movies, TV shows and commercials, Tavis continues to entertain and enlighten audiences everywhere. Heralded for his sparse, yet commanding performances, and his distinct style of guitar-playing, it is Tavis' ability to weave words like a master storyteller that sets him far apart from the pool of contemporary singer/songwriters. He is an impressionist, literally painting scenes and portraits of life and the experiences therein, and is considered a "wordsmith" and a "modern-day psalmist" by his peers.

Currently being played on the award-winning, LA-based radio station, Indie 104, and also Banana Peel Radio in Cananda, he has a debut album currently in the works and a large cult-following worldwide. This past year has been significant and busy for the 31-year old singer/songwriter. August 2008 saw the release of his much-anticipated, self-titled EP, which sold out the first run almost immediately. Previous to that, Tavis toured Brazil for two months with his wife, playing shows throughout Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo, and he is set to return to Brazil in April of 2009 to continue building his fan base in that country. 2007 brought a movie deal where he was cast as the lead actor in �Poet�s War�, and contributed four songs to the soundtrack. That same year, Tavis acted and played in a commercial shot by none other than Christopher Guest (Best in Show, Waiting for Guffman). In 2006, in addition to a Costa Rica surf and music tour, Tavis was awarded the LA Music Awards Solo Acoustic Act of the Year Award, but felt compelled to turn it down due to a family emergency. That same year, he also held a recurring acting gig on the NBC action/drama "E-Ring", working alongside Dennis Hopper and Benjamin Bratt. Currently, he is in the studio recording his first full-length debut, set for release in Fall 2009 before the birth of his firstborn child. In the meantime, he continues to tour and introduce himself and his music to eager audiences worldwide.

�I used to doubt that a guy with a guitar could really hold an audience, and always felt the pressure to bring a band to every show. My perspective changed abruptly following a sologig I played at a high school for inner-city kids. Here I am, this 6�3� white-guy with a guitar in my hand and a beanie on my head, walking into an auditorium filled with hundreds of screaming teenagers. The rap act before me got booed off the stage. I was terrified. When I stepped up to the mic to play, some of the more brash kids started jeering and shouting insults. It was pretty bad for a minute, but I just started finger-picking my guitar, and then began singing. The song required me to really belt out the vocals, and I just went for it, really singing my heart out for these kids. The place went totally silent as I sang, and then, wouldn�t you know it, when I finished they leaped to their feet in this crazy, out-of-control applause and screaming. The music director came up to me afterwards with tears in his eyes, speechless. I had won the hearts of his kids through the power of music, and the power of an open, honest heart.�

Although his music has been featured in many films, TV shows, and surf documentaries, including a commemoration of the famous Robert August, and he has played on TV commercials, it is contributions to people of all types that really showcases Tavis' heart. He�s played charity gigs for the Invisible Children, Discover the Journey, Green Builders of America, SurfAid, and the LA Unified School District, and loves to use his talents anywhere he is called.