Tavonna Miller

Tavonna Miller

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Groovy Pop Soul music with meaningful and heartfelt lyrics set to the beat of life lessons!


Singer/Songwriter Tavonna Miller emerged from Los Angeles performing her heartfelt and soulful songs for large and small audiences alike. With the release of her album, “Peace, Love & the Lack Thereof” in February 2012, the Pop-Soul songwriter contributed a body of work to the world of music that expresses her artistic observations on each of those topics. In her quest to continue creating art that inspires, Tavonna has been blessed to watch her catchy tunes and down-to-earth stage persona be eagerly embraced by music lovers of all backgrounds.

Now Boston-based, the Berklee College of Music graduate currently tours throughout Massachusetts, New York, & Philadelphia either self-accompanied on piano or backed by some of the best, local female musicians. “It’s so inspiring to perform and record with other like-minded and skilled women!”, Tavonna says of her all-female band. “My songs are presented to audiences with a professional polish that I believe is fostered by each player’s individual competitiveness and nurtured by the warmth and encouragement we share amongst each other.”

Described as having “that voice” by the Boston Weekly Dig newspaper, Tavonna’s vocal ability expands across many styles of performance including Soul, Rock, Gospel, & Opera. Coming from a family background of musicians, she was motivated at a young age to discover and explore the world of music to craft her own unique sound. Tavonna’s sound is influenced by such legends as Stevie Wonder & Nina Simone and also by more contemporary influences like John Legend & John Mayer.

With it’s inclusion in commercial media catalogues, “Peace, Love, & the Lack Thereof” has taken Tavonna’s music to the UK, Finland, The Netherlands, and throughout America. “Having an international reach with my music has always been a goal. I’m absolutely thrilled for the opportunity to be heard in other countries besides my own.” It doesn’t matter what venue Tavonna performs in; she performs with a “Grammy Awards Show” standard. Greg from Resident Media Pundit writes, “...it won’t be long before she’s selling out venues like the House of Blues and The Orpheum. "


A Whole Lotta Trouble

Written By: Tavonna Miller

A friend of a friend came by to break bread and drink wine.
He said 'Sister, there's no mister. Do you care to tell me why?"
"Don't you want your knight in shining armor to come and rescue you?"
I said "No, no , no"
Cause they're a whole lotta trouble, just a whole lotta trouble.

Once upon a time, I had someone in my life.
He treated me so special, he treated me so nice.
So I gave him all of me, and he turned out just to be..
A whole lotta trouble, just a whole lotta trouble

Don't get me wrong- I miss having a man at home
I miss his tender kiss his warm embrace to call my own
But then I remember, when I thought I was so safe and warm
I was just laying in the arms of..
A whole lotta trouble, just a whole lotta trouble

Somebody Knows

Written By: Tavonna Miller

It was the two of us before she came along.
And I was through with us when I heard how you'd been doing me wrong.
So I asked her questions, to make sure I wasn't crazy.
And you denied that anything was going on.
Then came the arguments, the backwards sense.
We're going nowhere.
Running in circles
Round and round for so long

And all the while you were telling me I had to choose what I believed
But that wasn't fair. I guess I'll never know 'cause I wasn't there.

But somebody knows.

You hold your pillow tight and close your eyes.
Can you keep out the light, can you sleeep when I'm not by your side?
You work a 9 to 5 and over time- do the numbers even add up right?
Does that tear you up inside?

And all the while you wonder where I am and how I'm doing now
That's How it goes when you lie
You'll find out on your own.

That somebody knows.

Baby, you don't have to worry.
You don't have to say you're sorry
Even if the world never knows the real story.
You know.
And that's all I need to know.

Is that Somebody knows, somebody knows..


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