Houston, Texas, USA
BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

Dont talk.... Just listen...


As the buzz of many of hip hop’s young leaders-to-be evolves from loud commotion into hushed whispers, TAWN P has stayed relevant by remaining focused on creating music that endures. She’s achieved recognition from fans, critics, and her peers as one of the best female emcees around, and when coupling that talent with her sharp lyricism, fierce delivery, and animated performance thats well polished and refined for stage presence, as an emcee, & singer, TAWN has proven to be one of the most vital artists of her generation.
Few artists in hip hop are able to create music that can rise above expectations and defy categorization. TAWN P welcomes the challenge to accomplish what others cannot, and she’s doing it not only with her acclaimed recordings but also with an electrifying live show. Performing with people such as drummer Drumhead, the tracks are taken to another level on stage. With her continuance releases, be it mixtapes, ep's features, writing and exciting live performances are sure to elevate TAWN P that much closer to the star status many have predicted.


MIXTAPE: The Tawn P Project "POWER"

MIXTAPE: The Wake Up Kiss

EP/MIXTAPE: Heir To The Throne


Lavish Life
Gettin it