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"Taxi Taxi - Maps and Legends"

I love surprises. Those simple things in life that aren’t expected to be waiting right around the corner as you walk by. Taxi Taxi are this month’s lovely little surprise. Literally hooked by the album’s opening riff, I urge you to lend them your ears.

Taking notes from indie-folk contemporaries before them, Maps and Legends delivers eleven stunningly-eclectic tunes, best summed up as a work of art. “X Marks the Spot� and the title track are definitely highlights, perhaps because of their immediate similarities to songs by the Michael Cera favorite, Beulah, or perhaps because of their insanely catchy choruses. Although a bit ridiculous, “Shoot the Dog, Chop the Tree� is a nice change of pace from the heavily acoustic/piano-driven songs that surround it. This particular tune fuses bluesy-guitar licks with dancehall grooves fit for a high school prom (disregarding the random screaming at the end).

The band’s vocalist and main songwriter, Terence Bernardo, added to his long list of duties by producing, engineering, and mixing the record. While the production is phenomenal, the mixing has the occasional poor decision, often leaving vocals in the backseat of this musical cab ride.

Here’s the thing about surprises: they exist for a pre-determined length of time, then they’re gone. They leave you with nothing but an imprint on your day in the life of. Unfortunately for Taxi Taxi, none of these songs resonate upon the album’s finale. I cannot recall how a single chorus goes while writing this. Though the album has its few specific flaws (particularly “Man Overboard!�), it flows perfectly. They somehow have managed to incorporate almost every instrument imaginable into these songs, including a few record spins. On Maps and Legends, Taxi Taxi’s songwriting particularly shines, and I can only imagine what the future has in store for them.

"Taxi Taxi"

Taxi Taxi's debut lp "Maps & Legends" may not be perfect, but it certainly is a fun listen. From the opening cut "Family Doctor", you know you're in for a laid back listen and that is kind of the selling point for me, as it seems so many bands are getting so technical and concise that they're missing out on important factors such as melody and catchy use of their instruments.

This is where Taxi Taxi flourishes. I think this can be credited to Terence Bernado, who is not only a frontman but a producer as well. He clearly has the producers ear which mixes in perfect with being a musician.

"X Marks the Spot" has potential to consume your summer mixes as it has an excellent hook and a bumpy vibe. - Fuck yeah! Go team!

"X Marks the Spot"

I have been mildly addicted to the song "X Marks the Spot", from Brooklyn outfit Taxi Taxi. The production is delightfully understated and it has an awesome, "walk-in-the-rain"type groove. The twirling synth sounds in the backround absolutely tickle my ears every time I hear them chime in. Their album, Maps and Legends, is now available on itunes so check them out because they are well worth flagging down.

Taxi Taxi-X Marks the Spot

another gem...

Taxi Taxi-Anna - ...and God rock us, everyone

"Wednesday, May 2, 2007"

I appreciate a band with a good back story but when they have a great sound to accompany how they came about it only makes things better. For instance, Taxi Taxi was spontaneously created in 2005 when musician and producer Terence Bernardo happened to one day share a cab with a few talented people who inadvertently loved many of the same artists. Now, many years after that fateful day, the quintet from Brooklyn, New York have released their incredibly diverse debut full length, Maps & Legends. The disc has already secured a spot on my list of pleasant surprises in 2007, and I believe it deserves one on yours as well. Enjoy.

:Taxi Taxi - Shoot The Dog, Chop The Tree: Terence and Co. do a nice of job of giving you something to dance along with in this song. The groovy undertones buried beneath the layered effects, catchy guitar riffs and steady beat will instantly get your feet tapping; it's all very smartly constructed. I especially love the lyrics, they are full of gems that are fun to belt out while you are bouncing your head up and down. Check this one out now.

:Taxi Taxi - X Marks The Spot: I believe that this song firmly locks down the fact that I am a total sucker for pop-enthused slow burners. Every time I listen to this I find myself smitten over the prom-esque arrangement that is so softly played that I want to grab Sarah and glide around the living room. And the lyrics? Yeah, the same goes for them, particularly this one: "Don't go/We'll make it." It's almost too good. - Side One: Track One


Taxi Taxi - "Maps and Legends" - LP - 2007
Taxi Taxi - "Splitting Signals" - LP - 2009

Tracks that have received airplay and/or are streaming:
Shoot the Dog Chop the Tree
Family Doctor
Maps and Legends
X Marks the Spot
Empty Handed
Hide and Seek



Taxi Taxi is the brainchild of musician Terence Bernardo. The band met in a taxi carpool during the New York City transit strike of 2005. During the fateful ride through the morning rush hour the strangers discovered a shared affinity for the music of Stax Records and artists such as ESG and Harry Nilsson. Within a month, the new found friends were rehearsing in the off-hours in Terence's Brooklyn studio and recording what would become their first record. The band continued to record in spurts throughout the year and completed additional recording at Kid Koala's studio in Montreal. The result was their first album "Maps and Legends", independently released to much acclaim in 2006 and charting modestly on the CMJ chart.

Taxi Taxi has shared the bill with celebrated indie acts such as The Wedding Present, Palomar, La Strada and Mussels. The band has just completed their follow-up record titled "Splitting Signals" and continue to perform their continually evolving live show. The new record was produced by Terence Bernardo, mixed by Vid Cousins (Kid Koala, Amon Tobin) and mastered by Joe LaPorta (Vampire Weekend, The Shins) at the Lodge.