Taxi Violence

Taxi Violence


When Taxi Violence appeared on the front cover of entertainment newspapers in three separate cities under the screamer headline of “The next BIG things!”, it was justified. Whether on stage or in the studio, Taxi Violence refuses to play a mediocre song - a rock band in the true sense of the word.


For most rock bands nowadays, the only story worth telling is the one they would rather write themselves. Their tale told is one of hardship and perseverance over difficult odds with a (hopefully) triumphant outcome: a platinum record deal, truckloads of sales, worldwide fame and groupies. That would be nice were it the truth more often.
Taxi Violence is a band under no illusion.
Since their inception (fittingly a jam session at a military base outside cape Town in June 2004), they have maintained a steadfastly independent attitude, even turning down a prize record contract with a major record label in their quest to retain artistic freedom and integrity. A gamble that has paid off as their scale the dizzying heights of success - on their own terms!

For Taxi Violence, “Full effort is full victory”, and somehow they just wouldn’t feel satisfied were it any other way. Keeping their fans close at hand is an integral part of this rock band’s motto.
They realise that whilst such things as radio play, A-list air time and high rotation videos are important tools to furthering a career, they are not the be-all and end-all. Taxi Violence have made it: on their own terms.
Looking back on their career thus far, a career littered with headline shows, top 40 chart positions, award winning music videos, sold out performances, stadium gigs, festival billings, newspaper and magazine front covers, countless rave reviews, everything they’ve achieved has been as a result of their DIY ethic.
When they appeared on the front cover of the entertainment newspapers in three separate cities under the screamer headline of “The next BIG things!”, it was justified (and they didn’t even have to pay anyone to get it!)

Whether on stage or in the studio, Taxi Violence refuses to play a mediocre song. It’s got to blow their minds first, otherwise we won’t hear it. They are a rock band in the true sense of the word.

Their debut, self-realised album, called ‘Untie Yourself’ was unleashed in November 2006 and is still charting nationally on mainstream and campus radio stations.
Taxi VIolence were recently selected to perform at the My Coke Fest music festival sharing the stage with the likes of Hoobastank, Evanescence, 3 Doors Down, Staind and others.

“Taxi Violence - The next BIG thing!” – Cape Argus Tonight, The Star Tonight, The Daily News, February 16, 2006

“Taxi Violence…the best thing to happen to South African rock music since The Springbok Nude Girls…” - Miles Keylock (Mail&Guardian, 10/02/2006)

“Like a better, rockier Franz Ferdinand” – Vidzone UK.

“A rough-edged fusion of classic and new-age rock, painted with liquid vocal overtones” -

“To my ear, the sound bounces with fairly high frequency somewhere between Interpol and Muse with a little Seattle thrown in for good measure..” -

“Check them out…‘cos they are not shit” – Stage Magazine (01/ 2006)



Taxi Violence - 3 track EP (2005).Self-titled

'Rock Out' 1st music video from self-titled E.P.
Reaches No.1 on various campus radio stations nationwide.

'Waking Up' - 1st single from E.P.(2005) - chart topper.
Appeared on SL magazine cd.Later again appeared on SL magazine cd - 'Best of' Collection.

'Nothing Left to Loose' - 2nd single and video from self-titled E.P.(2005).
'Nothing Left to Loose' - Best animated music video on DSTV music channel , MK89.

Untie Yourself - debut album (2006)

'Untie Yourself' - 1st single.
'Untie Yourself' - playlisted nationally across all campus and commercial music station and reaches Top 5 on S.A.'s leading radio station 5FM.
Single on frequent rotation daily.
Live broadcast on 5FM of Taxi Violence performing at 'My Cokefest 2007' with bands like Evanescence ,Hoobastank , Three Doors Down, Staind and other locals acts.
No.1 download on for 4 months standing - 42000 downloads in first week.96000 in weeks to come.
Included on Footskating 101 soundtrack,Splashy Fen 2007 complitation cd,Blunt magazine cd and The Cellardoor Live 2007 compilation cd.
Music video included on MK89 DVD for best videos of 2007 - featuring local SA acts.

'Waking Up'(album version) included on 'Footskating 101' movie trailer.

"The Mess' included on 'Footskating 101'movie trailer and featured on soundtrack.

'Jimi's Revenge' music video Only included on 'Untie Yourself' album as bonus to fans.

'In Loving Memory of Photosynthesis' video aired on e-tv's Showbiz Report,accompanied by interview and behind the scenes footage.

'Living it Up' - second single currently on and for free download.

Set List

Avarage live set of approx 45 to 70 mins duration.


'Rock Out'
'Untie Yourself' (NB! current single)
'Went down to the River' (interlude)
'Devil and Pistol' (NEW song - not on existing album)
'Waking Up'
'Redrum' (Brand New Addition)
'In Loving Memory of Photosynthesis' (subject to gig,crowd,event, etc)
Intro to 'Jimi's Revenge' (new song - not on existing album)
'Jimi's Revenge'
'Churchgoing Man' (new song - not on existing album)
'Heads or Tails?' (new song- not on existing album)
'No More No Less'
'Living it Up'
'The Mess'

Songs that could be added to make Set List longer:

'Question X'
'Lockdown' (new song - not on existing album)
'7 Shots' (new song - not on existing album)
'Hellavator Action' (Instrumental interlude)
'Music for my Teeth' (Instrumental interlude)