Taylor Byron

Taylor Byron



How hard would you work for what you love? In the world of entertainment, work ethic is truly important. Meet one of the hardest workers in entertainment, Taylor Byron. Taylor’s smooth vocals and charismatic smile have garnered attention from all over the world of entertainment, but it’s his supreme work ethic that has allowed him to transcend music.

“I always told myself that I may not be the most talented person in the world, but nobody’s going to outwork me. Nobody,” Taylor says. “I love music too much to give it anything less than my all.”

But talent he does not lack. Taylor’s smooth soulful voice and sensational song writing ability have drawn comparisons that range from Michael Jackson all the way to The Beatles.

“There’s no greater honor for me than for my name to even be placed in the same breath as those legends.” He humbly smiles after speaking. “I respect what those before me have done so much that I could never compare myself to legendary entertainers like Michael Jackson and The Beatles. I just hope that I can continue their legacies. Their music that stands up over time. Michael, Stevie, Bowie, Elton, Prince, Joel, those are the true geniuses of music. I’m just a kid who looked up to them.”

With his great talent and humility, Taylor Byron is now poised to rewrite and recreate music one beautiful song at a time, though success isn’t the only thing he’s strives for. Taylor’s true goal is simply to create great music for the world to enjoy.

“In my mind, music equals love.”, he says. “If I can create great songs for the world to enjoy, I’m doing my part. I’m spreading love. I’m making people happy. Who wouldn’t love to do that? I have the best job in the world.” He concludes with a smile.