Taylor Corum

Taylor Corum


Keeping it Simple.


When you first hear Taylor Corum’s music, you probably think, guy and a guitar, wow this has not been done before. But if you listen long enough you begin to realize that there is something different. Its not watered down pop with big spiky hair, it’s real.
Taylor began to play guitar at 15 and began writing songs soon after. He has always had an interest in music. A Knoxville, Tennessee native, Taylor was born in 1987. Always comfortable in front of an audience, he would sing cover songs on stage for his friends in 3rd grade and he has not ever stopped entertaining. From coffee houses to hotel lobbies, Taylor is pursuing his music career as he attends college. Weekends and summers are spent at different venues, no crowd too big or too small.

Things Will Happen is Taylor’s first release. A five song EP that was produced with a few friends and few guitars in late November of 2005. “I’ve always enjoyed acoustic music and wanted my first project to represent that.”


Things Will Happen - May 09, 2006