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Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band R&B Pop




"NEW SONG: “OLIVIA POPE” Singer Taylor Mallory pens lyrics for 'Liv"

Yassss, Chicago artist Taylor Mallory just gave us life with this audio ode to Olivia Pope, just in time for Scandal Thursday.

Listen to his track and let us know what you think in comments or our handy poll. - JET Magazine


Today on the J.R. Bang Morning Show Taylor Mallory stopped through to talk about his feelings on the Whitney Houston tragedy, his new Valentine’s Day single “You Do It”, upcoming show with Level Next Labelmates Endiskize and a new venture he has been working on. - Educated Insanity/Windy City Undergroud

"Alum talks music industry, gives advice"

Taylor Mallory’s father noticed his son’s musical talent when he was singing in the laundry room at 5 years old. Soon, it was evident to the Mallory family that their son had a unique ability no one else in the family had. Later on, Mallory decided to start a contemporary gospel band called The Boys with a few of his church friends.

Columbia alumnus Taylor Mallory is a singer, actor and entertainer who recently released a new single, “You Do It.” He is also a video jockey for Akoo TV and created his own show called “Music Burger,” which teaches viewers to cook and introduces them to new artists. | Tiela Halpin THE CHRONCILE

Mallory graduated from Columbia in December 2009 with a degree in arts, entertainment and media management and has been busy in the entertainment industry with Level Next Music and Lily’s Talent Agency ever since. He has had the opportunity to write, produce and sing songs as well as a video jockey for Akoo TV, created his own music and food show and act in commercials.

The Chronicle sat down with him to talk about his start in music, his accomplishments and his advice to students.

The Chronicle: In what ways did your group, The Boys, help you get to where you are today?

Taylor Mallory: That is really where I got my start, and I have never looked back. We used to have intense rehearsals. Our management at that time really taught us discipline, which is really the key to my artistry today.

The Chronicle: What inspired your latest song, “You Do It”?

TM: The song “You Do It” is really just talking about someone [who] really does it for you. The person [who] makes you smile. The person [who] motivates you. The person [who] makes you just want to get up in the morning and live your life. It is more than, “I love you.” There is a lyric in the song that says, “He who finds a wife shall find a good thing.” It is like he who finds that great quality in a person. That would be the person you would marry.

The Chronicle: How did you get the chance to be on Akoo TV?

TM: I have been with Akoo TV for about a year now. I got that through my talent agency, Lily’s. It is the largest out-of-home television network in the country. It reaches about 44 million viewers, and it is really unique because they put it in shopping malls and universities. There is a station here at the University Center. Basically, I am a video jockey. I do introductions to music videos. I do scoops, news and information. We give out really cool hookups and prizes. I think they just gave out an iPad and a $100 gift card.

The Chronicle: How did your show “Music Burger” come about?

TM: “Music Burger” is a food and music entertainment show. I like to put food and entertainment all under one bun. I started that about two years [ago]. I really do love to cook. That is a part of my artistry, too. I said, “Why not teach people how to eat really great food while bringing on some local Chicago talent and presenting it to people?”

The Chronicle: What do you do on the show?

TM: It is basically like a cooking tutorial. One of the episodes I did a quesadilla burger. The second episode, I had Cajun style red beans and rice. With the whole mix of red beans and rice, I brought in a disc jockey who mixes. I just show them how to cook and then I bring on an artist to perform.

The Chronicle: How do you like being in commercials?

TM: The first commercial I did with the American Forces Network was spoken word. It is interesting because I incorporate spoken word into my performances when I sing. That piece was really cool. I got a chance to actually be myself on camera.

The Chronicle: How do you balance all of these art forms?

TM: I think that throughout this whole experience, the balance is my spirituality. I feel like with me doing music and acting, that’s great. But if my spirit is not right, then all that stuff is imbalanced. Every morning, before I do anything, I listen to Joyce Meyer, a Christian speaker, and I try to get into my world. I must say that my team, Level Next Music, all support each other outside of music. And if I did not have the support system from my parents that would be very hard because I feel that in this type of industry, it is risky. They have stuck with me and I feel like that is how I don’t lose myself.

The Chronicle: What advice can you give students who are balancing different art forms?

TM: I encourage any student who is having that struggle of, “Oh, I want to do this, I want to do that,” to [do] a self-evaluation of what [they] really want to do and what is realistic. I always say, “Make your passion your profession.” Whatever you have passion for is what you should be doing. I know that when you are in college, you are still trying to figure it out, but I just encourage any student to go through the journey and experience the college life and the network here at Columbia and find [your] passion. - Columbia Chronicle


Today Taylor Mallory dropped his new single from his upcoming album Taylor Made. With a title like "Lift N Bend" you get everything your looking for from this song. Taylor also dropped a remix video for the Ciara track "Body Party" which is posted below. - Go Where Hip Hop

"Now Introducing: Singer Taylor Mallory"

Divinely ordered and musically talented with a driven sense of social obligation, Taylor Mallory is as authentic as they come. A resident of the Windy City, but native of Decatur, Illinois, Taylor found his niche within his craft along with an amazing partnership with Level Next Music.

In addition to the cavalcade of projects from his career as an actor on AKOO TV, to opening for high-profile artists like India Arie, Mary Mary and David Banner, as well as providing his voice and hands to serve those who are less fortunate; Taylor Mallory is not a one-dimensional entertainer.

In an exclusive interview with Leanee Brown, contributing writer for ChicagoNow’s “Just Nekia Nichelle”, Taylor Mallory discusses his lead single “You Do It,” a ballad speaking to the emotional and spiritual connection invoked by a soul tie. Anyone who has ever loved someone beyond the superficial or ever finds themselves genuinely enamored by their mate is beguiled by the lyrics of this serenade. Listeners and readers who follow Taylor Mallory become spellbound. Just read…

LB: Give me 3 adjectives to describe the music…your music.

TM: “Three…wow, that’s hard. Honesty, creativity, and hipster-suave.” (laugh)

LB: Now, three words to describe the man.

TM: “Christian, family man, and entertainer.”

LB: That’s interesting how quickly you responded to the latter question. You know who you are and what you stand for, I see.

TM: “No doubt. I believe that my fans connect with me, because I become transparent through my music. My music leaves my heart and finds the heart of my fanbase.”

LB: That’s real. Tell me, what makes these descriptions unique, yet synonymous with you, the artist, and the man, Taylor Mallory?

TM: “My music reflects what is important to me: my faith, my family and my fans. Everything I do is attached to a cause… a message. I do not perform just for fortune and fame. I believe in making a difference and promoting change in this world.”

LB: I read that music is not in your genealogy, yet you are so blessed to have this amazing gift! How do you explain it?

TM: “I can only say that my gift has made room for me. Ironically, my surname, Mallory, means unfortunate, and my journey has been such the contrary. If nothing else my life is a testimony used to inspire anyone going through anything. You write the definition to the meaning of your life.”

LB: Let’s talk music. Your first single, “Sunni’s Outside,” and now your newest joint, “You Do It,” what inspires your work?

TM: “I write about experiences and people who have connected with me through those experiences. Both songs speak to very personal places and emotions. I believe any man or woman can relate to having that someone in your life that just does it for them. Although the two songs are completely different in meaning, they are birthed from the similar emotions.”

LB: I’m amazed how young you are; yet you are so connected and grounded. This is one of many reasons why I have enjoyed listening to your music. What kind of artist do you classify yourself as?

TM: “I’m versatile. Some call me Neo-soul. Others call me R&B. I’ve even heard Pop. The question is what do my fans enjoy? And they enjoy good music. At the end of the day, regardless of the genre, I am committed to creating sententious music that interconnects people across demographics.
- Chicago Now


2010 - "Sunni's Outside" - Taylor Mallory

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2011 - "You do it" - Taylor Mallory

2012 - "Footage" - Taylor Mallory

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2013 - "Lift N Bend" - Taylor Mallory

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Its about a love and passion for music and where it takes you. Im at my best when Im not put in a box.

This is the reoccurring theme that rings in the musical world of Level Next Music recording artist Taylor Mallory. Now a part of the Chicago music scene, at the young age of 23, he is penning hits with the Dupe Productions team and having them placed in shows like the Style Networks How Do I Look. He has also been featured as an actor in various commercials as is an on-air VJ for Akoo.

Taylor is a multi-talented singer, songwriter and entertainer. Born into a non-musical family from Decatur Illinois, it surprised everybody to see a creation of their own sing and write music so well.

Though no one in my family was musically gifted I was exposed to all types of music by my parents. Ranging from Contemporary Gospel, R & B, Funk, Pop to 80s rock and classical music at times I can be all those things. It depends on what Im feeling in the music.

He has collaborated with or opened for artist like Mary Mary, David Banner, India Arie and performed at places like Schubas, Manifest, The Double Door, Subterranean, African Festival of the Arts, and Milwaukee Brewers Tailgate.

Taylor always puts 150% in whatever he is doing. Using his favorite quote from his mentor, Its not what you do to your music, its what you do with your music. At the end of the day its about inspiring lives and making a difference in the world.