Taylor Martin

Taylor Martin


Music that provokes the deepestest of longings


"Rumors of His majesty have set our hearts on fire." It is the desire of Taylor's heart that people are inspired by the reality of Jesus Christ. That the rumors of His majesty would set the world on fire with the renown of His name. Taylor and the band have a God given passion for music, believing that it has the ability to inspire hearts toward their Maker. With every note and harmony they pray that those who choose to listen would not be able to contain the move of God on their hearts.


We Seek The One

Written By: Jonathan Martin and Molly Feldman

We seek the One
The One they say will wipe all tears away
We seek the One
The great 'I Am' they say He's too great for a name
We seek the One
The lion they say that never will be tamed
We seek the One
Who took on pain and conquered it for His fame

We have come
Desperate for a King
Hearing whispers of the hope that He will bring
Rumors of His majesty
Have set our hearts on fire
So weve come, seeking the One

We seek the One
The warrior they say that has victory everyday
We seek the One
Who takes our shame deliverer from the chains
We seek the One
Who is full of wrath but abounding in love
We seek the One
Whose outstretched arms are sought but feared by all

He has captured the hearts of every generation
Every knee will bow to the long expected One
He was brought so low but He will be lifted up so high...
He is the One!

Set List

We have several songs including:
Because of You
We Seek The One
Among The Nations
He Is Good
The Heart Beat Song
Walking Down The Street
Order My Days
You've Won Me
Strength of a Weak Man

All of these are originals and we have a few more in the works.