Taylor Mathews

Taylor Mathews


Taylor Mathews is an 18 year old singer -songwriter who became known on the nationally televised NBC show, America's Got Talent, where he placed in the top 10. He is currently on the national tour.Taylor is heavily influenced by Jason Mraz and Jon Mayer and is currently writing and recording.


Taylor Mathews is a singer/songwriter born in Alexandria, Louisiana in 1991. He has a brother and a sister and two very supportive parents and works part-time at a local law firm in his town when he's not in school or practicing his guitar. Mathews has experienced a couple of traumatic events in his life. When he was just 5 years old, his family was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler, and later that year he was caught inside his own house when it was burning down. The family lost most of their belongings, including his Dad's collection of musical instruments. It wasn't until three years after those incidents, when music started to make its way into his life. Taylor's father had long given up his dreams of becoming a musician to support his family. Once the guitar found his dad's hands again, he turned it over to his son when he was 13 years old. Taylor pursued this dream religiously for the next several years along with singing, which landed him on the nation's most popular show, America's Got Talent, on which he dreams of sharing his musical ambition and his very own heart with everyone.


The Chase EP